June 28, 2014

June 28, 4014 is the day I went and adopted my best friend from the Springdale, Arkansas Animal Shelter.  When I went back to

get him out of the kennel I could tell he recognized me because his sad face perked up as I cut the corner for him.   I had two friends with me (T is a golf pro and it was a Saturday so he had to work) and we immediately took him outside for some fresh air and a pep talk.  I asked him again if he was really sure, I mean REALLYYYY SUREEE, he wanted to come home with me.  I warned him I’m a little weird, but promised I could love him more than anyone in the world and that his dad was kinda cool too. He let me know he was ready to be my ride or die, my shot gun ridder, my snuggle buddy for Harry Potter movie marathons. He confirmed with a lick!

So I told him we had to take a quick selfie to send to his dad and grandparents to show them this was for real.  This was the moment I learned Mulligan was a Miley Cyrus fan, y’all. As I bent down to take our selfie he leaned right in and stuck his tongue out.  MY BOY!! Taylor & the fam let me know we looked like a good match.

Then Mulligan hugged, and I am being dead serious he literally hugged, my friend who had never been to an animal shelter before. I grabbed the paperwork from the counter, filled it out, paid my dues and then realized it was Saturday and I couldn’t take him home until after he was neutered ON MONDAY.  I had to wait two whole days.  TWO WHOLE DAYS!!! So I asked my friends to take our first real picture together before I said goodbye until Monday.  Clearly he was confused about the fact that he was leaving the shelter for good, just one more day to go, because he put back on his sad face like the one he had sitting alone in the kennel.  That face kills me… and when I showed my dad this picture he asked “Why does he look like he’s conspiring to do something bad?”  Thats the face he had sitting slumped over in the kennel not making a sound.  That face is the reason we got him out of the cage, but that face is also the reason why so many other shelter dogs are over looked.  I left the shelter with two strong emotions.  One emotion was me being filled with joy, excitement, and love because I had just adopted Mulligan.  The other emotion was guilt and sadness for all of the other dogs I knew were still inside. Still waiting for their chance to be loved, some who would continue waiting and some who would never make it outside of the shelter.  The reality of the situation was hard to take in but I had to focus on amazing dog who was getting a second chance, the dog who really adopted me.

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