“Mulligan’s Mom”

“As he dashed across the grass of the Iam’s dog park with his tongue hanging out and the wind against his face… he was recognized in public for the first time as “OMG I think that’s the dog off Instagram”.  When I over heard the two girls talking, I thought to myself “What do I do? Ok, play it cool. So what they recognized him? That’s a good thing, no big. Plus they can’t prove its ‘reallyyyy’ him. They just think it is.”  Next thing I know, Mulligan is seducing this girl with his blue eyes and she’s rubbing his ears – he really is quite the ladies man. You’ve been warned.  Then I hear “look, it is him, his tag says Mulligan! Who does he belong to?”.  This had never happened before and I could not have been more awkward!   I thought “let him soak up this “celebridog” attention and I’ll just walk away to this lovely corner over here and play it cool”.  Well… Mulligan thought I was leaving him and came sprinting over like his life depended on it!  So much for that plan. I pause this story here to say that 1) Mulligan runs up to me every 5 minutes for water at the dog park, 2) I hovered over him at the dog park the first hundred times we went in fear he might get bullied so I was always within ten feet, 3) and everywhere we go he is glued to my hip (and not just because I have bacon strips in my purse!).   I’m not sure why I thought these people wouldn’t figure out my secret within the next few minutes! The truth is… I didn’t want to be that embarrassing mom, the one who cramps your style (you all know this woman). I was honestly worried about embarrassing him! It was at that point she asked “are you Mulligan’s mom” and I proudly (probably more awkwardly) said “Yes ma’am!” and then I talked about Mulligan, shelter dogs, poop bags, you know the usual.  Actually, I couldn’t shut up about my love for Mulligan, it comes out like word vomit if you know me, and how great adoption is!  This was my first public experience as “Mulligan’s mom” and I couldn’t be more happy to be!  As a matter of fact, I embrace it by embarrassing him and carrying this dime piece bag (see picture!) everywhere we go and yes, it certainly is in the Harry Potter font! Look out Fayetteville, Arkansas there is an overly proud fur mama roaming the streets! I’m a lot less awkward than I sound but I will talk your ear off about my dog & shelter animals if you approach me – YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

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