The Beginning!

As I walked through the aisles, I could practically smell the neglect and feel the anguish in the air.  Desperate to be chosen and to be loved, rattling their cages as they jumped and barked, begging for a chance.  All but one, that is.  He was sitting quietly, with his head low, against his cage not making a sound. Taylor (now his dad) got him out of the cage and we took him into the room the shelter had designated for people to play with the dogs.  I sat down and watched as he explored the room.  I thought to myself “he hasn’t peed on anything yet so that’s a plus!”. Then I looked at Mulligan (who was called Forrest at the shelter) and asked “Do you want to come home with me and be my dog?” His reply was walking up to me and placing his head and paw on my knee.  I had been to the shelter a few times before this and played with several dogs, but none of them I felt I had a connection with.  This dog had just won me over with his baby blue eyes and big juicy lips.  This later became a tactic Mulligan used to get any and EVERYTHING.

We played with him and scratched his ears a little longer before Taylor told me that I needed to go home and sleep on it before making a decision. I thought “What decision? This dog is mine!” but none the less I went home without Mulligan that day. Everyone kept telling me “you don’t have enough time for a dog, you work two jobs and go to school” but I wasn’t having it.  I explained to them that if I was considering a puppy I could see their point.  However, I was adopting an adult dog off death row (yes, that’s the reality of the shelter, they are all on death row). Then I explained to them that I was informed they only get two 15 minute walks a day.  I AM NOT KIDDING YOU! I knew I had well over 30 minutes a day.. I had hours to love this dog, all night to snuggle, and all day adventures we could go on! I couldn’t stop thinking about him! For the next few days, I literally stalked this dog on Facebook.  Making sure no one had adopted him before I got the chance to go back. I started deciding what I would name him and how awesome our lives would be together! After brainstorming names, by brainstorming I mean “should we name him after Harry Potter or Golf?” but it only

 took a few minutes to know that Mulligan was the perfect name.  For those of you who aren’t huge golf lovers like us, let me explain.  Mulligan is a golf term that means second chance, a do over.  That was exactly what he would be getting! A second chance at life and a chance to be loved and spoiled! What could be a better, more perfect, name for a shelter dog than the name Mulligan! After picking a name that was me confirming not only to Taylor, but my entire family that I was getting this dog.  With that I went back to the shelter on June 28, 2014, where I adopted what would become the love of my life (besides Taylor, of course!).

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