Welcome Home!

When Monday finally rolled around I couldn’t wait to go pick up my new fur baby! I had signed a sheet at the shelter requesting to be called before his surgery so that I could have a time frame of when to go get him – they never called.  As it started to get later in the day I called them to find out they had already done the surgery and he was ready to be picked up, thanks for calling to let me know? Not. Thats when I found out about some of the health issues we would be dealing with.  The lady started the conversation off with “Wow this baby has a serious ear infection & several other things we should go over.”  This scared me, not so much because of the cost because I would sell my left kidney for this dude, but because the lady had immediately over whelmed me.  I started wondering if I could REALLY trust a place that didn’t check the paper work and see my call request before touching him?  I needed someone, someone who looked hard core, to take with me to pick him up just in case I was getting scammed.  I felt they could hear my emotional concern and saw dollar signs, and Taylor (Mulligan’s dad) is way to nice to stick it to these people. So I called someone who was bald, the physical definition of a bad ass – my dad. Plus I knew I could trust him and he knows everything.  When we arrived at the vet the list of things they claimed I needed were a page long, single spaced.  However, the list included some outrageous things I wasn’t sure I needed at all & my dad confirmed my suspicions. I paid for medication for his ear infections as well as some other things I felt were needed right away and left planning on finding another vet immediately.

To prove my point: when I found an amazing new vet for Mulligan they called to get his paperwork sent over so that they could see what had been done.  THE PLACE CLAIMED THEY HAD NO RECORD OF US EVER BEING THERE!!!!! Good thing I kept the receipt, the paper work AND HIS SHOT TAGS. Yep, they were just as freakin’ awesome as I thought they were. Pathetic.

Mulligan refused to get into the car when we left the vet that day to go home – can you blame him? His last two car trips ended at the pound and getting his balls chopped off.  His concern was understandable, so we had the vet’s assistance lift him into the car with me and off we went.  At home we had all new dog toys, bowls, treats, bones and any and everything else waiting for him! I was so excited for him and our new life together.  He hopped out of the car and right inside the house where we let his curiosity take over.  He didn’t do much exploring before he laid down in what seemed to be a mixed emotion of being scared, in pain, and happy all into one.  It was probably the drugs talking!The Power of Adoption!

Taylor & I spent all night comforting him – I slept downstairs right beside him to make sure he was ok and not having any difficulties from the surgery or being in a new home.  I was up every hour that night between trying to get him to fall back to sleep, after waking up scared or in pain, and trying to pull off the endless amount of ticks that were on him.  I DO NOT TOUCH BUGS. This was true love and those ticks were of all sizes (some still kicking’).

A sleepless night was well worth it to see this face in the morning. He was so excited the next day to not wake up at the shelter!  The difference between his expressions at the shelter and less than 24 hours home shows the true power of adoption!  THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD ADOPT! There is nothing in this world like a second chance, we all deserve them.

Don’t worry I loved him to death and we enjoyed a lovely breakfast & bone together before I spend the rest of the morning pulling off more ticks and trying to brush off all the dead flea’s with a fine tooth comb.  A friend and I literally laid on the ground with him and tried as hard as we could to get the bugs off – it was mission impossible.  I called his new vet and was recommended a groomer who said they could get him in right away and take care of the issue without messing up his stitches.  Im telling you this was an emergency, to say he was covered in dead fleas and ticks would be an understatement.

Skinny MiniHe came back from the groomers (who bragged on him saying he was the nicest dog ever!) with no more fleas & ticks! I was thrilled for him! This is when I noticed the sores he had on his skin… I assume from being infested with bugs, scratching, etc.  I treated the sores on his skin and even pulled bugs out of them. BLESS HIS HEART is all I can really say about that situation and the next few days that followed of me treating the spots & his ears.  Not only that, but shaving him made us realize how underweight he really was, exposing his spine and ribs that were showing.  The picture doesn’t do it justice, I got weird looks in public for a while & spent lots of time explaining that he was a new rescue – I wasn’t starving him!  For the weird stares and questions I got about his ears missing all I could say was the obvious, someone cut them off and who the hell knows why? I would like to cut their ears off.  It didn’t take long at all for Mulligan to trust me enough to doctor him up; skin, ears, weight and all.  He was happy to have the attention and I was happy to have him!

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