First Fundraiser! I launched my very first fundraiser in the hopes of raising money that could be donated to some of the local northwest Arkansas animal shelters! What’s the 411? The low down? I’ll get right to it!

Fashion is a way to express ourselves! A way to show off a little bit about who we are! I wanted to do something that not only raised money for the shelters but would also have a long lasting impact.  We all know money goes quickly.  I wanted to create a fashion forward product that could be worn by all different types of people, for different things, and raise positive shelter awareness at the same time! Thus, the #MulliganMovement tank was created!

With every purchase of a #MulliganMovement tank the money will be split up and donated to different northwest Arkansas shelters.  Every time you wear a #MulliganMovement tank you will be raising shelter awareness! How? Though the front of the tank has a cartoon image of Mulligan, at the bottom is #MulliganMovement and huge across the bottom back of the tank you will find #ShelterAwareness! The cartoon of Mulligan with his tongue out, bow tie and unique ears will be the attention grabber while the hashtags will do the quality work!

What this does is create curiosity, inspiring onlooker to research more about what you have on! The hopes for this is that those who see you will utilize the smart phones at their finger tips to google about shelter awareness! Letting google stumble them upon different things that involve the shelter and perhaps even get them looking at all the lovely animals at their local shelter waiting to get a loving home!

These stylish tanks would be great worn in many different ways! Possibly a fun unique look pairing it with a cute cardigan and fun pants/shorts! You could wear this tank as a casual outfit paired with jeans or shorts and even wear it as work out attire or  swimsuit cover up! The options are unlimited which allows Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 4.01.42 PMfor it to be seen in many different situations by various different people.

If you would like to purchase one, or donate to the cause, you can go to WWW.Booster.Com/LifeOfMulligan which will take you right to the page and link to get you all set up! These shirts will be selling now until March 2 (as of now!)! All purchases are more than appreciated, not only by myself and Mulligan but the local shelter pets who will benefit from the donations! My goal is to sell 50 shirts! I have to sell a certain amount for the company to print them! If that amount is not obtained Tank Ideathey will reimburse everyones purchase and the donation will still come to me to give to the shelters! 

I am also offering T-Shirts that come in kids, youth, and adult sizes! They are only $25 and can be found  at! The t-shirt’s will be for sale for three weeks!

With love,

-Lindsay & Mulligan

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