Pathetic Profit

It seems lately illegal puppy mills have been popping up all over Arkansas. Arkansas animals are being held in horrible conditions: locked up, not loved, starving, going without basic needs & medical treatment.  These dogs are being held essentially as sex slaves while their “owners” use their demise and offspring as profit.  PATHETIC.  There is no excuse for this when the shelters are overflowing with animals in need of a home.  People often times don’t realize that purebred dogs end up in the local shelters all the time.  Not only do they end up there, tons of agencies are dedicated only to saving specific breeds.  You can google any breed and find an agencies dedicated to getting those dogs rescued – both adult and puppies.  So what is the need for all of these illegal puppy mills? Why do we continue to allow these people to profit off animal cruelty?

The Humane Society produced a list of 101 worst puppy mills in the United States.  Missouri topped the list having 22 of the worst puppy mills, next was Kansas with 13, Nebraska with 12, followed by ARKANSAS and Iowa tying with 6 each.  Does it surprise you to know we tied for 4th place for the state with the worst puppy mills?  That doesn’t even count all the ones that were just recently busted and all those we still don’t know are out there. There are currently no laws in place to protect these dogs and as a result Arkansas has become one of the most problematic puppy mills states in the nation.

It’s clear to see why this is such a huge issue needing to be addressed not only in our state but nation wide.  Not only are the animals being held at these puppy mills living in horrendous conditions, the puppies being sold are coming from horrible conditions that can lead to a damaging life – and I don’t just mean mentally.  Most of the dogs being produced from these puppy mills are coming from dogs that are so neglected that nothing is being considered except the profit that dog can provide through puppies.  What that means is that the dogs are going without medical treatment and their health status is both unknown and uncared about.  Sick dogs are being bred with perhaps other sick dogs producing offsprings that genetically never stood a chance.  These puppies can be born with heart disease, epilepsy, deafness, eye problems such as blindness or cancer, respiratory disease and so much more.  Not only are they genetically at a disadvantage, these puppies are showing up at pet stores with fleas, ticks, Mange, Parvo, Kennel Cough, and so much more due to the neglect they received from the start.

Yet these dogs are sold to you as “high quality” “purebred” dogs that are perfectly fine and cost a fortune.  As we continue to purchase them, the puppy mills continue to profit and the cycle continues.  Most people don’t even consider where these dogs came from, they see the dog they want and purchase it to make the family pet.  Later these dogs end up costing tons in vet bills and though your fur baby is worth every bill these conditions could have been avoided and money saved.

We need to encourage others to consider where their puppy came from! If you’re purchasing a purebred dog that comes from a family who owned the mother / father and is selling the puppy that is one thing!  If you’re purchasing a puppy from a puppy mill that is NOT ok! We need to save the dogs currently residing in puppy mills in Arkansas and put an end to this animal abuse.

Right now Arkansas is trying to introduce a bill to regulate commercial dog breeding in Arkansas. Passing this bill would:

  • Require commercial breeders to operate like other businesses – establishing a licensing program to regulate the business and ensure compliance with existing sales and income tax laws.
  • Establish regular inspections as a condition of licensure, and prohibit the licensure of anyone who has been convicted of cruelty to animals.
  • Include criminal penalties for violations, to put an end to the proliferation of puppy mill operators who see repeated civil violations and petty fines as a minor cost of doing business.

So far 5,172 Arkansans have signed this petition to get legislators to pass this bill. They are still in need of 4,828 signatures to get the bill on the table! If the bill is not introduced in the next week, the state of Arkansas will have to wait another two years to try again.  I encourage all of you to follow the link and take a minute (LITERALLY A MINUTE) of your day to sign this petition and help these animals not only currently in need but the future ones who will becomes victims if we fail to do anything about it.

The link above will take you directly to the page where you can sign! Thank you in advance to all of those who have signed, or will sign this petition! I hope it gets passed – to do nothing at all is the same as condoning it and as a state we can not allow for this to continue.

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