Mulligan Movement – Shelter Photography

I’m a firm believer in the power of photography.  Photography allows for people to show things in a new light, from their perspective.  When I started taking pictures of Mulligan everyone was always so surprised by how photogenic he was! I won’t lie, he loves the attention he gets from the camera and good pictures! However, its not about if or can you get the picture you want.  It’s about the patience you have to wait for the perfect moment.  Mulligan’s most popular picture is of him in a red bow tie.  It’s the image I turned into a cartoon for the shirts & business logo, and a picture that has been featured on several big Instagram accounts.

Often time shelter photography is to hard for people to even look it.  You often times see pictures of dogs in the kennel looking completely heart broken and helpless.  I personally think these photos, though powerful images depicting the reality of the emotions experienced at the shelter, can sometimes deter people from the shelter.  People don’t want to “like” the shelter pages and often times scroll past pictures on their news feed as fast as they can so it doesn’t “ruin their day” seeing the images.  We’ve all done it.

I wanted to incorporate the fun images Mulligan is known best for into the shelter! Mens Wear House in Bentonville, Arkansas was nice enough to donate a few ties for me to use & I purchased bow ties as well (my personal favorite)! Since then I have been going once a week to Springdale Animal Shelter (where Mulligan was adopted from) and setting what I call my “Mulligan Movement Photography Project” in motion.

It should come to no surprise that the shelter dogs do not like the camera as much as Mulligan! My camera and the sounds that it makes take some time to warm up to! With a little cheese, a lot of treats, and a good belly rub anything is possible! So with a little patience and a lot a love I am able to capture the dogs in a way that shows off their good looks and personality.

It’s my hope that these images show off how adoptable these wonderful dogs really are! That people won’t scroll past them when they show up on the shelters page, but will “like” them, share the images, and maybe even fall in love with one of the dogs!

On one of the images I took a woman commented “I have fallen in love with Odie through pictures of him he may be a great addition to our family! Going to have to come meet this gorgeous boy!” and sure enough SHE CAME AND ADOPTED ODIE!!!!! I thought even if it helps one dog it will be worth the tears I have when I leave.. I am always emotionally distraught leaving the shelter.  I can proudly say one has been adopted (and others since)! Lets hope there are many more adoptions to follow!

Below are a few images I wanted to share that I have captured so far! You can find these images & more by keeping up with the Springdale Arkansas animal shelter on Facebook ( or Instagram(@Springdale_animal_shelter)!  What do you think?!girl1 Plum11

10458485_731691013616344_1150624177185946782_n 11039201_731691010283011_4610939400634399693_n 11044604_727192150732897_768751320791182353_n 11046962_727189920733120_984724101706148738_n 11068389_731691003616345_6512877710761033240_n collageClyde collagepearce collagePhil DSC_0454Clyde DSC_0467Pearce DSC_0484Phil DSC_0508Hero

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