Bark For The Cure 2015!

Saturday April 25, 2015

Today Mulligan & I attended our very first Bark For The Cure.  Unless you live under a rock you have heard of the Susan G. Koman Race For The Cure!  This event is something I’ve participated in ever since I was a child along side my mom.  Here in Fayetteville, Arkansas we have a very special section of this race called Bark For The Cure where you can walk/run alongside your best workout companion, your dog!  Literally, Mulligan is the only reason you will EVER see me running! When I found out about this event I immediately made a “Life Of Mulligan” race team!

I didn’t want to lug around my big camera to this event so below is a documented version of today’s events through the eyes of an iPhone!

Mulligan & I are not morning people… so getting up at 5:30 this morning was SO MUCH FUN! Nothing like running around like a basket case trying to get ready in time to run out the door with 5 minutes to spare and not miss the race! Meanwhile Mulligan is refusing to get out of bed… luckily for him he wakes up fabulous, I can’t say the same.

First and foremost outfit is everything & I didn’t want to disappoint.


Ok I didn’t make him wear the bra… but I had to get a picture!

What I did do is have custom shirts made with the classic Mulligan logo that read ” Save the TaTa’s & the shelter dogs! Bark For The Cure 2015!”  Next came running shorts with a matching pink outline, crazy fuzzy pink socks / shoes

outfit Shoes

AND a pink plaid bow tie for Mulligan from BoneAndBowTie.Com so that we matched in showing off our supporting in pink apparel!


My friend Megan & her rescue pup Nala joined us for the event! We got Mulligan & Nala pumped up for the festivities on the car ride to Rogers!

M Car Nala

These were the happy faces before Nala realized we were at a big event… and pooped in the parking lot! It’s ok to do those things when you’re this cute! Don’t worry we were able to work out the differences (plus there was more than just one pile of sh*t on the premisis and Mulligan pooped in a near by bush to make her feel better) & get her excited about all of the people & other dogs around!

M and N

I take pride in having Mulligan look his best at all times! I felt over confident that our pink bow tie & TaTa’s shirt would suffice! Little did I know when we showed up to the event we were going to be shown up by this diva! This is just pure dedication and perfection! Touché my friend.. touché.

Pink 1  Pink 2

No worries! The owner assured us the dye was pet friendly and would only take a few washes to get out! Matter of fact the dye was veggie based so all of the other dogs were wanting to lick her! Clearly it’s the dog version of Axe Spray!


It was great to see so many people out this morning supporting a cure for Breast Cancer! It’s always so hard to see the “In Loving Memory” tags on the back of shirts.  It’s a true realization of all the women who have died and families who have lost a love one to Brest Cancer.

m walk 2 M Walking

Mulligan was having a blast & loved having the kids come pet him! I wish I could have captured some of those sweet moments however, I didn’t see how I could do that without not looking like a creeper and having to explain to the parents who Mulligan was & why I was taking pictures of their kids petting my dog?!

group pic

Even though the dogs were to distracted by people walking around in blow up suits we attempted a group picture together. Epic Fail… but it was an attempt!


We ran into Missy at the event! We love Missy!! But clearly Mulligan was distracted! Missy actually ran in Race For The Cure! You go girl!! Glad we ran into you!!!

Megs and me

More importantly we crossed the finish line & we all had a blast supporting Race For The Cure through the Bark For The Cure division! This is something we will be looking forward to participating in again next year!


You know it was a successful day when Mulligan is ready for a nap! Until next year Bark For The Cure!


Lindsay & Mulligan

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