ShopBelleBoutique.Com just launched #MulliganMovement apparel online & in their all four of their Northwest Arkansas locations – Fayetteville, Rogers, Bentonville & their Home Store.  What you don’t know however, is how close to home Belle Boutique is for Mulligan & I.

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After completing my Freshman year in college at the University of Arkansas I was looking for a job.  Not the kind of job you get for beer money & supporting the latest fashion trend. I was becoming financially independent and needing a job where I could get enough hours to pay my bills and yet have an employer who understood my crazy school life.  In July of 2011 I took a position at Belle Boutique – not just one location though, any location that needed me! It was there I learned the ins & outs of the fashion industry and developed many friendships including a very special one with Mrs. Brittany Bass!


Brittany was not only my boss, but a friend of mine who to this day still deals with all of my crazy! Without my job at Belle Boutique {which I had for OVER THREE YEARS!} I wouldn’t have been able to support myself through college OR know what I needed to know in order to build #MulliganMovement apparel! The knowledge & tools I learned there are what helped me in my vision to create a unique way to raise shelter awareness & funds for the shelter!

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When I started thinking of unique ways to raise shelter awareness & money for the shelters the first thing that came to mind was clothing.  From T-Shirts to New York Fashion Week people will always need clothes and use them as a way to bond with others while showing off indivdual personality.   I had never seen anyone use this as a way to encourage adoptions and raise awareness for animal shelters – I knew then this was a unique opportunity I had to merge these passions together as one.  With that in mind I also knew I wanted to use the funds raised to help cover the cost of medical needs.  As many of you know Mulligan had some health issues when we first adopted him due to the overflowing shelter and the lack of funds to handle every need. With Mulligan Movement apparel I wanted to help other animals at the shelter like Mulligan!

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In the first three weeks I launched Mulligan Movement apparel (on my own as a fundraiser) I was blessed enough to sell 60 shirts!!!!! I remember just praying I would sell 13, which was the print minimum from the website I was using, little did I know people from all over the country would take part!  Since then tons of new designs have been created – two of which are currently now selling at Belle Boutique!


Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 11.41.49 PM

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From a cute workout top, to a fun stylish look, these tanks are great for anyone who wants to help support Arkansas shelters & raise shelter awareness in style! 100% of the proceeds are donated to local shelters to help provide medical care or necessary materials to maintain healthy quality living for the current residents – cats & dogs!

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I am truly grateful for all of the support that has been gained for the Mulligan Movement & the opportunity to have Mulligan Movement apparel selling in such a wonderful boutique! There is no dollar amount to small to make a difference for these animals and every penny is a blessing! For all of you who have already supported the Mulligan Movement through the purchase of a shirt I am so thankful! For all of you who will purchase Mulligan Movement apparel in the future I am thankful! None of the things I do would be possible without all of the support everyone has shown us! Which is why on each and every shirt you will find a hand written thank you note attached to every tag!

Get yours today at ShopBelleBoutique.Com!

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THANK YOU for being so supportive & helping to raise shelter awareness in style!


Lindsay & Mulligan

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