Ellie & Myrtle: A Special Duo

As many of you know October is “adopt a shelter dog” month!  In honor of that I would love to introduce everyone to two VERY SPECIAL rescue pups… Ellie & Myrtle!


Meet Ellie: Ellie is a four year old Dachshund, and Cortney’s first rescue baby.  When Cortney decided it was time to get herself a dog she got on to Petfinder and began her search for a Dachshund of any age.   It was there she found six month old Ellie from Peteau Valley Humane Society in Oklahoma, where she had been dumped in a box.  Wearing pearls in her picture Cortney said “it was then I knew she would be special”.



Meet Myrtle: Recently Cortney’s brother, who fosters elderly dogs, told her she should check out fostering.  This got Cortney back onto Petfinder where she found Juliet (now Myrtle) who was the last of her litter & currently being fostered in Maumelle, Arkansas.  Cortney drove down to meet her and knew she would be the perfect addition for her & Ellie.

Everyone meet Myrtle!

and Myrtle! (Named after a patient of Cortney’s that touched her heart)

Cortney is an Occupational Therapist in Fayetteville, Arkansas who deals with special needs patients everyday.  Her dogs are no different!


I’m SO jealous of this!

Both Ellie & Myrtle are special needs Dachshund’s that landed a home with the perfect support group!  Ellie is Epileptic, suffering from seizures.  If you’ve never witnessed a dog having a seizure, it’s a heart breaking experience with no way to really help.


Despite being Epileptic Ellie is one fun loving girl, who like us all, enjoys a good outfit!  In the spirit of Halloween we will share a few!


“Witch whatchu looking’ at”



“Muggles, they just don’t understand.”

“Treat or Treat, no tricks here. Hand em’ over”

Myrtle is both blind and deaf.  Yes, bless her heart she is both.

Yes. I said “bless her heart” and yes thats something Southern people say.

DSC_1229 copy

This is a result of two back yard breeders who ignorantly bred two Dapple Dachshund’s. Realizing their mistake they dumped all the puppies, who were either blind, deaf, or both like Myrtle, at a shelter.  THIS IS WHY WE NEED LAWS ON BREEDING!!

Mulligan loves her!

Myrtle came over to play! Mulligan loves her!

Cortney uses tactile sensations to help train Myrtle, such as spraying scents on certain objects so she can determine different things around the house. Cortney also uses a special halo contraption to help Myrtle learn her way around the house without getting hurt.

DSC_1178 copy

For more on this invention visit MuffinsHalo.Com!

Myrtle enjoying her first ever Beggin' bacon strip! She actually sniffed them out and got the bag out of my bag! Being

Myrtle enjoying her first ever Beggin’ bacon strip! She actually sniffed them out retrieved the bag out of my purse! Being “special needs” doesn’t slow her down!

The great thing about this device is owners are known to donate them back once their dog is done adjusting.  This allows for other dog owners to use this device without having to pay for one!  These devices range from $60-$130 and noone wants finances to get in the way of helping a dog in need. Cortney also uses a collar to identify her as special needs so that other know!

DSC_1188 copy

Myrtle will blow you away with her wit, playfulness, and loving soul.  She far exceeds any expectation you may have for a six month old blind and deaf puppy – stealing your heart, making you smile, and giving you a daily boost of inspiration!

DSC_1221 copy

Ellie & Myrtle could not have landed a better forever home than the one they have with Cortney.  Cortney is someone who works with special needs everyday and truly appreciates their uniqueness as well as the love / work that goes into attending their needs.

DSC_1206 copy

Ellie & Myrtle’s adoption stories demonstrate many different key points on shelter awareness:

-Purebred dogs can be adopted, not purchased.

-Lack of legal action against dog breeding results in misuse and abuse. This lands thousands of dogs into shelters everyday and the reality is… they all aren’t this lucky, especially special needs dogs.

-Special needs dogs will steal your heart with the chance to be loved as they are, special in every way!

Most of all these three are teaching a life lesson – perfection is imperfection!

Yes y'all. This is in her house amongst hundreds of other Weiner dog accessories. She's seriously the cutest!

Yes y’all. This is in her house amongst hundreds of other Weiner dog accessories. She’s seriously the cutest!

Happy Adopt a Shelter Dog Month!

With love, hugs & belly rubs,

-Lindsay & Mulligan

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