50 Shades of Stray! 

Last night Taylor & I attended an event called “50 Shades of Stray” benefitting the Washington County Animal Shelter!

This event was held at Pratt Place Barn in Fayetteville, Arkansas & was absolutely beautiful.

There was a live band, dinner, silent auction, wine bar & people wearing #MulliganMovement tanks!

And then there was this…

A custom dog bed. Not just any custom dog bed… A bone shapped, modern pattern, black, large size, with a matching pillow dog bed. I had to have it… And I do mean I had to have it!

Taylor spent the whole night standing guard over my dog bed to make sure we won! Oh my dog was I excited!!! Not only did we win the auction for this pawsome dog bed, but the money also went to helping the shelter! DOUBLE WIN!

We had a blast supporting the animals & meeting new people who share our belief in helping animal shelters reach their full potential!

For more information on this non-profit you can go to AnimalLeagueOfWashingtonCounty.Org!


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