Better With Pets! (Part 1)


Part 1: Personal experience & highlights from Purina Better With Pets Summit!

Part 2 (Coming Soon): Inside scoop on some of the highlighted pet wellness topics that were discussed at Better With Pets! 

I had been counting down the days to the Purina ‘Better With Pets’ summit in New York since I got my invitation! On November 2, 2015, that day finally arrived!


I should probably mention I haven’t been on a plane since our family trip to Disney world…13 years ago. Yes, you read that correctly. No, I have not been on a plane in 13 years. Also, I’ve never been to New York – so I was both extremely excited and a little nervous at the same time! It was a quick trip so I decided to leave Mulligan at home with his dad and introduce the world to paper Mulligan.

Me loading the plane

Me, loading the plane

Ok…maybe I was SUPER nervous about the flying part! But in my defense, it’s been 13 years and a LOT has changed – security is no joke! Cavity checks are real life. It was basically like I’d never flown before, I had no idea how to navigate an airport and I was really trying to play it cool.  Thank God for Taylor & a sweet security guard, they walked me through everything!

Window Seat

Huge shout out to the travel guy at Purina, who was patient in dealing with my brand of crazy. He made sure I had a window seat, by the emergency exit, both there and back. The view was phenomenal!!!! Thank you, Purina travel agent!!!

Paper Mulls in Time Square!

Paper Mulls in Time Square!

New York City was like nothing I had ever seen before but also exactly what I expected it to be.  It was a whole new world! I was a little nervous about exploring New York City alone (with paper Mulligan) but luckily, my Purina BFF Dan acted as our body guard and tour guide all in one!

Paper Mulls at Rockefeller Center!

Paper Mulls visits Rockefeller Center!

This year’s theme for the ‘Better With Pets’ summit was pet wellness. A topic any pet owner should find extremely helpful, especially the parent of a rescue pet!  In most cases, as many of you know, rescue pets come with a past. They often have mental and physical health issues that need to be worked through. Therefore, the topic of emotional wellness was especially interesting, as well as important, to me personally.

“Hi. World’s proudest pet mom here. Coming at you live from Purina Better With Pets summit in NYC”

The ‘Better With Pets’ summit was held at the Brooklyn Expo Center and it was a beautiful venue.  This event was filled with an amazing and fun group of crazy pet lovers; ranging from vet experts to bloggers to purina scientists and of course, some famous pets!



I got to meet Tuna, and yes my heart melted! Tuna was even more fun-loving in person, which I didn’t think was possible, and Courtney (his mom) was so sweet!


Chloe Kardoggian was there, naturally she is everyones favorite sister! This senior lady shows off why adopting senior pets is a fabulous fun thing to do!


I got to see Katie again, who I previously met at the Meet Purina event in St. Louis! Katie has a huge heart & such an inspiring story! She blogs on her site RunsForCookies.Com & I encourage you all to check her out.

Melissa Trippy & Phillip O'Reilly! Watch their vlog on YouTube.Com/Mel

Melissa Trippy & Phillip O’Reilly! Watch their vlog on YouTube.Com/Mel

I also had the pleasure of seeing Melissa & Phillip again, who were also at Meet Purina.  These two are seriously the two nicest people you will ever come across & they’re so fun to get to spend time with!

Turnin' up on a Tuesday with the squad

Turnin’ up on a Tuesday with the squad {Katie, Melissa, Dan, Phil, me}

Since the event happened to take place on a Tuesday… well… I couldn’t resist myself on the caption.  It’s always a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by people who are just as crazy about their pets as you are! It also serves as a reminder that really it’s those who aren’t obsessed with their pets that are crazy!


I cannot express in words how appreciative I am of the Purina company & their support / sponsorship of Mulligan. I am proud to support a company that shares the same morals & passion I do when it comes to pets. Each time I come in contact with the Purina company, I am even more impressed than the last.  Purina has allowed for me to provide Mulligan with the best possible life when it comes to his health & continues to help me grow as a pet parent. That being said the Better With Pets event especially embraced me!


Wondering what this awesomeness is? GOOD! STAY TUNED OF BETTER WITH PETS (Part 2) where I will go into detail on a few of the wonderful things I learned about pet wellness! You won’t want to miss it!

With love, hugs, & belly rubs,

-Lindsay & Mulligan


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