Spay Arkanas : Vaccine & Microchipping Clinic

The luxury & peace of mind involved in keeping your pet health should be something available to all pet parents!  Many pets are going untreated for basic veterinary needs, that are key to a long healthy life, due to the worry of over priced vet services.

Spay Arkansas is doing something to change that! Spay Arkansas is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit based out of NW Arkansas.  Their mission is to offer low cost spay & neuter surgeries, resulting in less dogs/cats being euthanized in shelters every year. However, they offer more than just spay  & neuter services.  Once a month Spay Arkansas host a low cost vaccine & microchipping clinic.

These clinics are open to anyone & and their dog(s)/cat(s) of any age.  They offer a range of vaccines for only $10 as well as microchipping for only $20! They also offer some low cost medications.

This allows for people to provide the necessary medical needs for their pets without social class, pay grade, broke college student syndrome, or any other obstacles from getting in the way!  Bringing people & their pets together for a longer & healthier life!

The next vaccine & microchipping clinic will be held December 12, 2015 starting at 9am and going until 3pm.  You can learn more about Spay Arkansas & how they can help you, or someone you know, at SpayArkansas.Org!

With love, hugs & belly rubs:

-Lindsay & Mulligan

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