Men & Cats!

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Hope everyone had a fabulous Sunday – Funday! I have some pretty fun news I’m excited to share with you all!  Purina set out to expose the stereotypes surrounding cats & their owners. In reality they actually completely destroyed the stereotype in the most pawsome way!

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You know what stereotype I’m talking about – we associate cats with female counterparts! We all know a guy with a pet cat, my fiancé had a pet cat when we first started dating, and we all can admit we tilted our head sideways and had to take it all in – a little surprised.

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To celebrate the launch of the Pro Plan Savor Shredded Blend for cats, Purina asked people to share pictures of extraordinary men & their cats on social media using #MenAndCatsContest! The 11 best pics were chosen to represent the 2016 Extraordinary Men & Cats calendar along with actor Gilles Marini as the 12th man!

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The calendars will be donated as a fundraising initiative to Purina Pro Plan Rally to Rescue, a network consisting of hundreds of small rescue groups nationwide, allowing them to raise money for their organizations as they work to give all cats the love, care and forever homes they deserve.

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The three Arkansas rescue agencies that the Pro Plan Men & Cats calendar will be benefitting include (1)Animal Relief & Rescue Fellowship, (2) Faulkner County SPCA, & (3) Friends of Prairie Grove Pound!!!

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You can go to ProPlan.Com/MenAndCatsContest to see all of the winners & learn more about these extraordinary men & their fabulous feline companions!  I encourage you all to head on over to ProPlan.Com/Rally-to-Rescue & grab your calendar today!

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After all, these pictures are sure to brighten up your day, spice up your day planning, & best of all – your purchase will go towards helping save homeless animals in need! SO GRAB YOURS TODAY!

Also, if you’re ever in the need of a smile – get on social media and check out #MenAndCatsContest!

For a chance to get a FREE Men & Cats calendar comment below! 

With love, hubs, & belly rubs:

-Lindsay & Mulligan


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