It’s not a dog post, but don’t worry Mulligan is still in it! Today I was featured on a local interior design blog! Check it out!

Design Time

Meet Lindsay Soulsby and her dog Mulligan.12196349_2937669513924_3255376525398940227_n

After a long day at the office, Lindsay made time for a quick interview and may I just say, reminded me of a real life Elle Woods. Neon yellow sweater, maroon leather skater skirt, long blonde hair, and a big smile. I immediately thought to myself her outfit reminds me of one of her paintings. Unexpected colors put together, perfectly.

This young woman is an inspiration to yours truly. Having studied criminal law at the U of A with the goal of becoming a defense attorney, running her own non-profit organization Life of Mulligan, and working for a local law firm, I’m in absolute awe of how she has time for anything else. Keep scrolling to find out what she does in her spare time.

What inspires you?

When I was younger, I wanted to do abstract but would do more portraits. I…

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