Getting Bazaar With Friends


Friday, December 18, 2015 was the Butterfield 4th grade Bazaar & I was lucky enough to attend!  Every year Butterfield elementary school host a Bazaar for the 4th graders! Students are put into groups where they come up with a products as well as marketing strategies to sell those products.  All year long the kids are rewarded with “Bronco Bucks” for good behavior & other activities which the kids save up to buy things at the Bazaar.

I admit I had never heard of a Bazaar, so here is the definition via Google:

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 11.52.43 PM

One very special 4th grader, Alex, decided she wanted to sell “Mulli’s Munchies” (a box filled with candy & snacks) along with other Mulligan inspired things as a way to teach her classmates about shelter awareness! Alex even decided she would donate HER OWN REAL MONEY – NOT BRONCO BUCKS YALL – to a shelter! Everything about this just made my heart pitter patter.


Alex & Mulligan preparing “Mulli’s Munchies” for the Bazaar!

So while Alex was busy making Mulli Munchies I took on making Mulligan cut outs for the kids to take pictures with!


Just a casual selfie with the selfie king himself.


I also made a very special cut out… TURBO!!!


Turbo’s mom, Ashely, is a good friend of mine & we felt it would be great to bring along a furry friend who could show the kids that having a disability just makes someone more unique! It isn’t something to point at, pick on someone for, or whisper about – it’s just something God decides that makes a person more unique.


Alex showed up to the Bazaar loaded with goodies & ready to roll!


How cute are these?! She even gave out Mulligan bumper stickers with every box! BEST OF ALL can we all take a second to notice she but “ALL SALES FINAL” on the front of the table… thats business 101 HA!!


The girls hustled these like pros AND SOLD OUT!!!! They made an impressive amount of Bronco Bucks!!


Besides Mulli’s Munchies, the kids could also take pictures, for $10 Bronco Bucks, with the Mulli & Turbo props!


They even got super cute old school polaroid prints of their pics!


Ms. Ava making sure she gets the perfect shot! 

The Photo Booth was so much fun to watch!







All in all, it was a wonderful day & a great learning experience! It was so cool to see all of the different products the kids came up with & made – as well as how stingy some of the kids could be with their Bronco Bucks!  This was seriously one of the most valuable learning tools I have ever seen used in grade school!


HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to Ms. Alex for being such an amazing person! Alex’s love for animals & inspiration to make a difference:

(1) Made this shelter awareness learning opportunity available to her classmates

(2) Made it possible for me to come see this amazing event

(3) Touched the lives of the animals at the shelter that her donation to a will make

She is truly an inspiration & a reminder there are still good people growing up in this world!!

THANKS ALEX!!! & THANK YOU to all of the Butterfield 4th graders who purchased Mulli’s Munchies / pics with their hard earned Bronco Bucks!


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