10 Christmas Dog Mom (or Dad) Must Haves!

Like any regular mom, the holidays are prime time for a crazy dog mom! It gives you the purrrfect opportunity to dress up your pets, spoil them by buying a ridiculous amount of gifts (like you don’t do that on a regular Tuesday anyways), and anything else you might need an excuse for!

Here are 10 Christmas Dog Mom Must Haves! 

(1) A wreath that is not only festive, but proclaims that a crazy dog mom lives here! 


The Grinch is my FAVORITE Christmas story & so I couldn’t help myself… I made us a Grinch & Max wreath.  I think it describes Mulls & I extremely well AND it gave me the perfect way to incorporate my dog love & classic Christmas!

(2) An Ugly Christmas Sweater 


$10 Walmart find!!! Walmart has super cute Christmas sweaters for dogs of all sizes for under $12!

(3) Stockings! 


Another great Walmart find! I tried several different stores but couldn’t find one I really liked… and then I found this one! It even looks like Mulligan!

(4) Christmas Collars


I got this collar at Petsmart on sale last year!

(5) Christmas Themed Toys 


Reindeer Toy:  This was a gift to Mulligan from a dear friend of mine (we meet after she started following Mulligan on Instagram!) & it came from TJ Max! Santa Toys: The Santa toys came from Walmart! The Grinch: This was ordered from PetCo.Com! The stores are constantly sold out so don’t even try!

(6) A Santa Suit


Ok, it’s not a suit! But this Santa tie is precious & it was only $3 at Walmart in the Christmas section!

(7) Gifts Under The Tree!



Mulligan has his very own Christmas tree & I recognize my crazy SO here are just a few of his Christmas gifts!

(8) A List For Santa 


We tried…

(9) A Favorite Christmas Story


Mulligan & I watch the Grinch all the time! He literally watches Max on TV it’s pretty funny!

(10) Most Of All…. A LOVING Family!



All of these things will obviously be on sale after Christmas, so it will be the perfect time to stock up on Christmas stuff for next year!  I know I will! You can never have to much Christmas spirit!


Wishing you all a VERY Merry Christmas!


Lindsay & Mulligan


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