Perks Of Sleeping With Your Dog!


Yeah, that’s a foot in my face. 

GREAT news for anyone who’s husband doesn’t think you need the dog to sleep in bed with you… as if that’s not obviously a necessity in the first place! The Center of Sleep Medicine, Mayo Clinic in Arizona, just released a new study that reveals sleeping with your pet(s) have positive health benefits!


The study collected questionnaires & conducted interviews with 150 patients from the sleep clinic.  74/150  people (49%) interviewed for the study reported having pets.  Of those 74 pet owners 31 (41%) reported being a multi pet house hold. Over half of the pet owners (56%) reported  their pets sleep in the bedroom. Fifteen pet owners (20%) described their pets as disruptive, whereas 31 (41%) perceived their pets as unobtrusive &  even beneficial to getting a good nights sleep.


We really aren’t morning people…

There are several different emotional wellness benefits that go hand & hand with a furry sleeping partner.  I, for one, can vouch for these benefits as I sleep with Mulligan everyday!


Some of those emotional health benefits include…

-Providing a sense of warmth

-Providingcompanionship (for the single & those of us who’s spouses don’t cuddle)

Stress relief. Everyone knows that touching a pet can relieve stress, so night time snuggles can help end a rough / stressful day with positive vibes.

-Providing a sense of security


Participants even said part of the reason they got a dog or cat in the first place was to help them relax at night, and this was especially true for single people or people whose partners often traveled or worked at night.


Wishing you & your fur baby a wonderful nights sleep!

-Lindsay & Mulligan


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