New Years Purina Pet Pledge!

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Every year, when we complete another trip around the sun, we insist on lying to ourselves with a stupid New Year’s resolution.  However, when you have a partner & a good resolution you set yourself up for success! With that in mind, Purina is encouraging us to keep our favorite four-legged family members in mind by visiting PureLoveForPets.Com and making a Pet Pledge for 2016! After all… they’re our constant companions & biggest supporters!

This year I have made the Purina Pet Pledge, with Mulligan, to play more games of fetch & continue to raise shelter awareness that encourages pet adoption!


So what’s your 2016 Pet Pledge going to be?! Head on over to PureLoveForPets.Com to make your pet pledge & play the instant-win game for the chance to win an assortment of awesome dog / cat prizes! The dog prize box consist of a Furminator, Kong toys, & other great dog accessories! The dog grand prize is a Deluxe Dog Crate!  The cat prize box has a Furminator, kitty hammock (yes, a kitty hammock!!!!), toys, and more! The cat grand prize is a deluxe cat tower! The instant-win game will run through Wednesday, February 17th!

Since the day I got Mulligan, I promised to give him the best life I possibly could as his mom! One key element is giving Mulligan a healthy lifestyle & diet; which is why he has eaten Purina Pro Plan since I adopted him! That’s a promise I will continue to uphold throughout his life.  If a healthier lifestyle is part of your New Years resolution, make the Pet Pledge to give your pet a healthier lifestyle for 2016 too & let the two of you get healthy together! Purina coupons will be in the Sunday paper (as well as those already on PureLoveForPets.Com) to help you give your pet a healthier diet & help you save money at the same time! Check out PureLoveForPets.Com to see what all they can offer you & your fur baby this year!


With love, hugs & belly rubs,

-Lindsay & Mulligan



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