Lake Weddington Birthday Hike

February 20th, 2016

All I wanted for my 24th birthday was to get outside and explore with my two favorite people; Taylor & Mulligan (yes, he doesn’t know he’s a dog!)!  Being a February baby, warm weather is not the norm but quite the opposite.  This year, however, I got lucky! Taylor took off work, the weather was gorgeous, and Mulligan & I got everything packed and ready for a nature hike.  We drove 30 minutes, paid to park, started out on our adventure, and the hiking trail was closed.  Yes, closed. Go figure! None-the-less they were determined to make my birthday request come true and together we made the best out of the day! Taylor even found his inner photographer, catching some great images of Mulligan with the new camera! Later on at dinner my uncle asked, in my 24 years of life, what knowledge have I obtained that I would pass on.  My answer was simple – rescue a pet who needs a second chance & a loving home, they will save your life!






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