Life-Getting In The Way Of Life!

February 28, 2016 –

Often times life gets in the way of life.  We get so caught up in our day-to-day routine of work, chores, and responsibilities that we forget to actually live our lives. “Required life” gets in the way of “fun life” leaving little to no time to do the things we enjoy & new things we want to try out. When you’re an adult the weekend really means two days to do enough laundry to have clean underwear for the next week & a chance to scrub the bathtub and squeeze in errands.

I can tell you Im not going to be one of those people who drop their entire life to hit the road.  You know, the kind you see on your social media feed that you read when you’re bored at work.  The ones where their blog is filled with awesome pictures that leave you wondering where you went wrong in life as you sit in your cubical thinking who the hell is funding these awesome adventures? Not them with no job, right? THEY SAVED THAT MUCH? DOES THAT INCLUDE FOOD & SHELTER? HOW????   They always say it was the best decision ever.  The best decision for them that is! BUT back here in my world I can admit I don’t have that financial luxury, a high enough limit on my credit card, or the desire to leave behind the life I love & have worked so hard to build.

It’s not “settling” or “being afraid to leave my comfort zone”.  It’s actually loving & embracing the life I live.  Why am I so happy with my life that some people would look at and call average? Because I’m not envious of others opportunities & everyday I am shown how lucky I am. If I want something, I will go get! If I want a change, I will make it happen! I’m not going to waist my already too short of a day doing anything but that.  Life is what you make it & we all have different goals & aspirations! Here in Arkansas, Mulligan & I are making our own adventure that is unique and one of a kind.  One I’m happy to be apart of & look forward to every day!

This year we will free up more time to explore like we used to, like we want to! With that I encourage you to get out & explore or free up more time for what you love or want to try out! If you need a buddy to explore with, or just desire an emotional support animal for those day-to-day struggles, adopt a pet.  It will save your life!

Here are some pictures from yesterdays (2/27/16) hike around Lake Fayetteville.  I woke up, cleaned house, did some work I needed to finish, ate with the family & most importantly – I set aside two hours to get out & explore with my best friend & my mom LIKE I WANTED TO DO WITH MY WEEKEND AND IT FELT SO GOOD!

Washing clothes can wait until the sun goes down!


life 3




Mulligan & my beautiful mom who will be mad I posted this picture! But seriously who’s hair looks that good hiking?




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