The Creative School


April 7th, 2016

Back in April, Mulligan & I were lucky enough to be invited to The Creative School in Fayetteville, Arkansas to speak about the Mulligan Movement!

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 1.46.51 PM

Naturally, I stayed up all night making flatheads for everyone! 

This was our first time being invited to speak at an Elementary school & I must admit, I was a little nervous! Not about Mulligan, because he’s GREAT with kids, but how I would explain some of these things to such a young age group! Things like…

  • How the animals ended up without a family
  • What it means to adopt a pet
  • Why people are sometimes mean to animals
  • How the shelter is not a bad place – even though sometimes the animals there have to go to heaven
  • Why we need to spay and neuter
  • Why second chances are so important
  • Why you should ask Santa for a shelter pet instead of a puppy (duh!)

These are all critical pieces of information & yet they need to be handled in the exact right way where the children not only grasp the importance and the seriousness of it all BUT also -and this is key- make it where none of them get upset!


Luckily, I had some help from the teachers explaining some things! One kid even told me afterwords, rather excited, that he, like Mulligan, was adopted! The kids loved Mulligan, who wanted to lick all of their faces, and the kids were excited about their flat heads!


Sorry for the picture quality but the simple fact is you can’t talk to kids, pass out flat heads, manage free kisses, and get amazing photos all at once! Thats not real life!

Those who weren’t scared of Mulligan were invited to come get some free kisses! Notice Sophie’s #MulliganMovement shirt! LOVE IT! Sophie’s mom is the one who invited us to The Creative School & we are so glad she did! Maybe they will have us back again one day!


Hopefully, we taught at least one kid something about shelter pets, encouraged someone to learn more, or even ask their parents if they could adopt a pet! At the very least they left with a flathead of a dog they know came from an animal shelter & that’s a good enough learning start for me!


Thanks again to The Creative School, Rose, & Sophie for having us!


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