Better With Pets (Part 1)

In 2015 I was blown away when Purina invited me to the Better With Pets Summit in New York and I was beyond blessed to be asked to attend the event again this year! If you know me, or keep up with Mulligan & I on social media, then you know this is my favorite event of the year! I get to see so many friends (my Purina family), make more friends, see New York, and be surrounded by people so crazy about animals that I fit right in instead of being the crazy animal lady!

If you remember from last year, I hadn’t flown in since 9/11! This year I just hadn’t flown since last years summit! I wasn’t near as scared going through the motions this time so when they wanted to search me down, asked if I wanted a “private search” & felt me up through security I let security know “the least you could do is buy me coffee or lunch or something after catching a feel”…


I WAS SO EXCITED TO GET THERE & SEE EVERYONE! I met up with my friends Ashley (TurboRoo’s mom) & Liz (Sadie & Knox’s mom) at the airport where we finally crawled in the back of a “not so sure this is a cab” to get to our hotel!

OH MY DOG THE HOTEL! I could have sat in that room looking at the view for days! IT WAS BREATH TAKING! Melissa Trippy & I enjoyed this view until we couldn’t hold our eyes open any longer!

The next morning was BETTER WITH PETS!! I was so excited I could hardly sleep! Besides the obvious things like seeing friends, playing with cats & dogs, etc. what I love about the Better With Pets Summit is what I learn! I was a total nerd in college & it makes me feel like I’m back in school again – except I get to learn about animals & play with them at the same time so it’s way better! We covered a wide variety of topics like (1) Quality & Safety, (2) How Passion For Pets Builds A Better World – AMEN, and (3) The Science of Innovation Nutrition for Pets!

I’ll be breaking my Better With Pets post into sections because there is just to much greatness going on that I want to cover & you can only read so much on your bathroom break – yes I know. TO BE CONTINUED






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