Celebrate National Pet Month


Thank you, Mulligan, for being my best friend & better half.  Thank you for being my big baby & for letting me be your embarrassing mom! Life is so much more fun with you in it making sure there are no bad days!

This month is national pet month & we want to celebrate by pet praising! Purina is inviting pet owners across the nation to share their Pet Praising pictures. By simply going to pureloveforpets.com & submitting a photo to enter the Pet Praising sweepstakes! Sweepstakes last from April 26th to May 24th. You could win a professional photoshoot for you and your pet that will be featured on RealSimple.com! The website also is a great resource for celebrating National Pet Month and learning about all the great new items Purina has to offer!

I can’t wait to see what you have to say about your fur baby!




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