YouTube Live with Purina & People Magazines “Sexiest Beast Charmer” Dr. Evan Antin!



With hundreds of ingredients in pet food now days it should come as no surprise pet owners are confused about which ones are actually good for their pet! Trying to decipher fact from fiction can be quite the task! A recent survey even showed that more than half of American dog owners think their dogs nutrition is more confusing than their own! Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 1.57.33 PM

Luckily for me, I’m blessed enough to be a partnered with Purina which means I get help & key insight into these important topics! Recently I was invited to attend a YouTube Live session with Dr. Evan Antin! Also known as “The Sexiest Beast Charmer” thanks to People Magazine!

Myself, along side some of my fellow Purina Partners, got to have a raw Q & A with Dr Antin asking him any & everything about what we feed out pets! Here’s a summary of all the greatness!


Lets get started with the #1 topic in todays dog food: Bi-Product. 

This is such a taboo word in dog food, however, the negative connotation associated with this word is a dog nutrition MYTH!  I would compare it to Googling your symptoms on Web MD & then thinking you’re dying. What scares us as dog owners when we see this word is lack of proper education on the term! Here’s what Dr. Antin had to say about Bi-Product in dog food:

-Bi-Product is animal organ & bone.  These provide micro nutrients, calcium from the bones, and other key nutritional needs.  If we were to feed our dogs just meat, like what we consume, it would be lacking nutrients our dogs so desperately need.  He then went on to give us a visual example of Bi-Product by saying “Wild animals go for the abdomen first.  Animals know that’s good for them & rich with nutritional value and micro nutrients.”  Dr. Antin also made a VERY GOOD POINT when he said that we would have to kill so many more animals if we didn’t use Bi-Produce which would also be extremely wasteful to discard all of those organs and bones that provide so much for our pets.

With the holidays around the corner we had to touch on “Holiday DO’S & DONT’S”.  With family in town, that may or may not be used to having a pet, you have to watch for what they’re sneaking under the table to your fur baby! Or in my case, feeding him right in front of your face!

Dr. Antin gave us a list of toxic foods for our dogs!


2) Foods with high fat count can mess up your dogs stomach

3)Dark Chocolate – which is more dangerous than milk chocolate.

4) GRAPES & RASINS!! This was very interesting to me! What makes these so dangerous is that wether its 1 or an entire bag it doesn’t matter! Even just 1 rain can cause KIDNEY FAILURE! On that same note, your dog could have no reaction! This is SO SCARY TO ME!

5)Marijuana – so don’t sneak any special brownies, gummies, or any other foods with an extra kick of special butter in it to your fur baby this holiday!

6) Cooked bones – cooked bones are harder for dogs digestive system to process.

Grain Free Dog Food: which I admit is something I did a lot of research on & spoke to my personal vet about it for Mulligan!

When asked about Grain Free food diet here’s what Dr. Antin had to say…

A Grain Free diet is good for dogs with GI issues or allergies. However, Grains have nutritional benefits as well as fiber & vitamin E value.   Grain free is a trend and dog foods latest “fashion” but it should be used as an individual need not just something you should do.

Dental Health: Dry v Wet Food – does it have a big difference in dental hygiene and health for dogs?

Dr. Antin spoke on how this topic is still a big controversy in dog food debates! Saying the best thing to do for your dogs dental hygiene is to brush your dogs teeth! He also said that carrots are good for your dogs dental health as they help scrape off stuff on their teeth as well as raw hides.

(Which side note, dogs have special tooth paste so don’t go brush your dogs teeth with your Crest! Just throwing that our there! I do brush Mulligan‘s teeth! You can buy kits for this at Walmart, or any local pet store!)


Senior dog food blends are low calorie! Essentially senior dog food means low calorie! That being said if your dog is getting older and is less active or your dog is a couch potato (of any age)! A senior dog food died is great for older dogs that are less active, couch potato dogs of any age or dogs that are over weight needing to shed a few pounds! Not just senior dogs!


When picking a dog food, one thing Dr. Antin stressed was knowing the companies specifics for making their dogs food, do they have vets on staff, etc.! This hit home for me! As someone who has seen behind the scenes of Purina, how the food is made, the research, the people behind it, the quality checks, etc. it is the ONLY brand dog food I feed Mulligan & suggest to my friends! It’s truly a company I stand by. This is something I feel is so important when choosing the right pet food for your fur baby! If you research and can stand by the companies quality you can know your pet is getting what it needs & know fact from fiction on the internet!

MEAT CHUNKS IN DOG FOOD: Is this something we should or shouldn’t do? Especially, for those of us who have dogs that pick them out before eating the rest! Is this good? Bad? Otherwise?

Dr. Antin says these can be high in sugar & more like a treat! If the bag says the chunks are “Animal Product” you’re in the good! However, like a treat ratio with your pet, calories are everything!

It was so fun sitting in & participating in this YouTube live session with Dr. Antin hosted by Purina! I love getting the chance to learn more about whats best for Mulligan while getting other peoples opinions & a vets point of view! You can learn more about pet nutrition, or explore your questions further at!

Hope you guys found this as informative & helpful! Not only the holidays do’s and dont’s but the information for your dogs everyday health care! Make sure to click on words like “Purina” or “Dr.Antin” throughout the blog for a direct link to their pages & social media! See you guys next time!!



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