About Mulligan

Mulligan is a rescue from the Springdale, Arkansas animal shelter.  He was adopted Saturday June 28, 2014 and from that day forward has been my inspiration and the love of my life! Mulligan’s social media sites are used to raise positive shelter awareness one post at a time.  So many people are “iffy” to adopt a shelter dog, especially older ones. What started out as an Instagram account to show life after the shelter has grown into a unique opportunity to make a difference for the homeless animals in our community.

I call our efforts to raise shelter awareness & encourage adoptions the Mulligan Movement.  Originally at the shelter Mulligan’s name was Forrest.  When we were thinking of names we wanted him to have the perfect name that reflected how special he was.   Golf is a huge part of our lives and the term Mulligan means a second chance, a do over.  Mulligan was getting a second chance at life and we knew this would be the perfect name for him. The overall goal of the Mulligan Movement is to encourage adoption and get more shelter dogs a second chance at life – a mulligan.

Mulligan Movement Shelter Photography Project – I did volunteer photography at the Springdale Arkansas Animal Shelter (where Mulligan is from).  The pictures were themed like picture’s you would see on Mulligan’s Instagram.  Let’s be honest… it’s hard for us to see the sad pictures of the dogs at the shelter.  Matter of fact it kills us and we scroll past the pictures as fast as we can. With this project the goal was to capture pictures of the current residents that show off their personality and how amazing these dogs really are.  The pictures were designed to show you how special each dog is in the hopes of putting an end to ignoring shelter pictures, creating more traffic and attention through “like” “shares” etc., and thus resulting in more adoptions.  Many of the dogs I photographer were adopted & one person even commented that the pictures were what brought her in! YAY FOR THAT!

Mulligan has his own clothing line at ShopBelleBoutique.Com! When we adopted Mulligan he had several health issues, by no fault of the shelter.  People don’t realize the annual budget, really the lack there of, that most shelters have to work with.  This was in inspiration behind raising money for the #MulliganMovement.  All funds raised through the #MulliganMovement are donated to provide health care at local shelters with the goal of preventing some of the health issues Mulligan was suffering from. With Mulligan apparel 100% of the proceeds are donated to local shelters as a restricted gift, meaning the money can only be used to pay for health care needs as intended! You can read more about it under the apparel tab! Grab yours today!

One thought on “About Mulligan

  1. My husband and I were so impressed with Mulligan and his owner today as we walked on the Razorback Greenway in Fayetteville. He was obedient and walked easily as we talked about Mulligan and his Blog! He will have another “event” in his resume as he participated in the Horticulture walk which began at the Fayetteville Razorback Trailhead which begins at the intersection of Steele Blvd and the far west end of Fayetteville Mall near JC Penney. Happy trailing, Mulligan!

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