Adoptions All Over!

“I adopted Lyric and Princess in 2014. They are both from Brother Wolf in Asheville, NC. Lyric (corgi blend) had a litter of puppies and was left at the shelter shortly after. I was searching for a hiking dog and companion when I found her. She is above and beyond any expectation I had. She lived with us for about 7 months when I decided she needed company to help soothe some separation anxiety. She is picky about her doggy friends. She doesn’t like eye contact or dominance from other dogs at all so I knew it would be tricky. Queue Princess (Boston Terrier/Jack Russell blend). Princess has no eyes…Princess is not dominate at all. She is a dream. She was left at the shelter after her untreated glaucoma got so bad her eyes were infected. The shelter raised money to have her eyes removed. She is an inspiration. There is not much she can’t do. She is 11 years old and is still a young pup at heart. My biggest blessings this year were found at the shelter. They bring more to my life than I could ever repay them for…..there aren’t enough dog cookies in this world.” -Alison, North Carolina! You can see more of these cuties on Instagram: @alilouhasazoo

-Alison, North Carolina




MaxOur family began the look for a dog after our dog of 18 years old died from old age. I was 11 at the time, and the death of our old puppy (Smartie) was really hard for me since I had had her my whole life. My parents were unsure of adopting and finding the perfect dog, but I knew we would find the perfect dog in time. I looked every day for 3 months at the four different dog shelters. I was looking at The Edmonton SPCA one morning before school and I saw the picture of Max aMaxnd immediately fell in love with him. Even though he was 4 years and 9 months old I thought he  would fit in our home perfectly, when we read the intro about Max they said he was not recommended to go to a home with children. So we called the shelter and told them we were still interested in him even though I was 11 and my brother was 14, the shelter worker we connected with told us that he was actually very good with children, the

Maxworker said that he had played nicely with a family the other day. The worker said that the shelter was concerned about him with children because they thought he was abused and was not a trustworthy dog. The worker also said that she believed he was the perfect fit for our family. So the next day my parents drove 3 hours to adopt Max, my brother and I stayed home. My parents arrived home 8 hours later, and Max was so gentle with us. Max and I quickly became best friends, I am now 15 and Max is 8. He is the best and most gentle family dog anyone could ask for. He loves going hiking and being with our family.  Our story is to show that age does not matter when adopting a dog and that sometimes people think the worst about an abused dog. Since we adopted Max we have also adopted a cat, and another dog we took in after we had a flood and her owner could no longer take care of her.” -Danelle, Canada! You can see more of these awesome shots on Instagram: @Max_Monkey_Bolt


For months and months I suffered from depression and I never wanted to even leave my bed. My parents began to notice and figured the best way to fix the issue was to get me a puppy. I’ve always loved animals. All animals but dogs have always had a special place in my heart. She told me this and I got very excited. I immediately started searching for the best dog breed for me. My concern was there wouldn’t be one right for me. I searched and I searched but there would always be something holding me back from that dog. Finally, I decided.. why would I buy a puppy when I can save one! Thankfully my aunt works with dog rescues and gave me a list of nearby places to meet the puppies. I went to 3 places. The first place only had one litter and I didn’t feel they were right. The second place had a bunch of puppies but none of them seemed to be right for me. We went to one final place and the moment I saw him I knew he was my puppy. I snatched him right up and told my mom he was the one. We told the rescue and 3 days later we came to pick him up. Ever since then I’ve obedience trained him, practiced in a little agility, and taken him everywhere I went. He turns 9 months old soon and I think this has been the most rewarding time in
my life. He’s made me a happier person, more active, and a more socializing person. I love every second I spend with him and I wouldn’t change any of this for the world”

– Anna, Tennessee (You can see more cute pictures of Kovu on Instagram:


Some people take pet ownership lightly, and I am not one of those people. My husband and I took months to decide if we were going to join the pet club. I knew I wanted to rescue he wanted to go through a breeder. Ultimately I won.

We went to a rescue group’s adoption day, and when we walked up my eyes met with my fur son. He was sitting upright, chest out, ears up and eyes bright.  His face looked like he was looking for someone, looking for the one person that saw in him what many passed over. He was strong, and stoic. I knew then he was mine. We bonded almost immediately.

The following week we met him at his foster mama’s house. The trip over I was a ball of nerves I didn’t know if he would remember me, and  I was worried if he wouldn’t he get along with my husband equally as well as he did with me. He of course was a perfect gentlemen, he showed off appropriately squeaking his toy. He played his cards right because he laid next to my husband and promptly put his head on his lap. (Well played son well played) I got shot a look and I knew it was over he was ours

We still had to pass the home visit and but we committed to taking him that evening. The rest of the week I probably went to petsmart about every evening. I had to make sure we had everything. It didn’t hit me until the morning of his home coming  what i committed to until I got a text from mom saying ” how does it feel to wake up and be a mommy” . The text was when I realized I was going to be responsible for another being.  I was used to having only to worry about me and my husband but now I have something else to care for. Not quite sure its the same thing parents go through with newborns, but that day I felt like a new mom.

In the beginning ,it felt like we were just roommates, the kind were you pick up after each other and pass like ships in the night. Then one magjical day came the stars aligned and we became friends. i don’t exactly remember when the day was or what the circumstances were. But that one magical day was when i realized i depended on him and he depended on me. Ever since then I cannot imagine my life without my blue eyed boy. I can watch him do the most mundane task and it makes me happy. I feel as though i helped a nation even though it was just one dog. I saved him which allowed them to save one more, then one more after that.

I couldn’t imagine life without him.  He is a good friend, he knows what I am thinking and follows me everywhere. I feel like we have a true friend connection with him. He is the best listener I know. He is the most spoiled boy, but I don’t care. As his friend I need to make up for lost time, and spoil the heck out of him.

I would encourage everyone to adopt a friend there are a lot of animals that need homes. My belief is every dog needs a warm bed, chew chew and love.

-Lily & her rescue O from Georgia!


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