Arkansas Adoptions

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Tucker Bradley (the white pup) was adopted from the Fayetteville Animal Shelter around October 2013. He was only 3 months old and we should have named him Dumbo…his ears were bigger than his little body. Then in February of 2015, Chuck Alexander (the tan pup) came into our lives from the Fayetteville Animal Shelter as well. We were told he was adopted and brought back twice for issues with children, but when we took him outside to play with him we immediately fell in love. After living with us for about a month and being showered with love, we tested the waters with a 10 year old…all he did was walk in a circle to sniff her and he started to kiss her and just wanted to play. It has been two and half months and Chuck and Tucker are the most perfect little pup bothers. They love taking naps together, play fighting over bones, and racing each other around the trees in the backyard. -Raven & Kaitlyn,



I adopted Oakley during my sophomore year, when she was 6 weeks old from Rogers local shelter. Her name at the time was Lola. Her and her sister were in a litter of 8 from a puppy mill. The owners of the mother and father apparently were not aware that the mother, a golden retriever had puppies with a boxer, the father. To punish the mother and get rid of the pups, the owners poisoned the mother. Oakley and her sister were the only two pups who were malnourished and did not drink their mothers milk. Because of this they were the only two that survived. I wanted to adopt Oakley as well as her sister, but I did not have room for two. Luckily their story also touched another young ladies heart and Oakleys sister was adopted a few days after Oakley. Oakley and I have been together ever since!

Everyone meet Ms. Ember! Ember was adopted from the Little Rock Animal Village after being spotted with the shelter at Riverfest! Before she was at the shelter she was out on the streets fending for herself.  Almost two years has passed since Ms. Ember was adopted and she now lives happily with her two other siblings in Little Rock! Look at that gorgeous fur family!

-Diane, Arkansas!


Meet Sadie & Harper, a dynamic duo! Sadie (the black dog) was rescued from the Fayetteville, Arkansas Animal Shelter after being found on the side of the road at only four months old.  The family had just suffered an unexpected and tragic loss of their family dog just a month earlier from a tragic accident and felt they were missing something.  The family needed a dog to make their family whole again, so they went to the local animal shelter where they found Ms. Sadie.  Sadie was sitting quietly and scared to death in the back of her kennel.  They knew she would be the puppy to bring their family happiness again.  When Sadie came home she was the complete opposite of the puppy stereotype; never chewing anything up, going to the bathroom inside, she hardly even barked!  She slept in the bed that first night and every night since! Harper (the Golden Retriever) came a few years later after she was rescued from a puppy mill where the people were arrested and prosecuted (THANK GOD!).  These two are two peas in a pod and complete the family!  They are the owners best friend, running partner, cuddle buddy and couch hogs! These two ladies are inseparable and can be found in uncontrollably cute moments (like the middle picture)!

-Megan, Arkansas



“We will start with my first rescue.
Christmas 2013 my husband was on me about what I wanted for Christmas. I told him I wanted to make a difference,  a difference in a dogs life! He was against it and I was so pushing it. I would send him pictures,  and he gave in. I was looking at all the different shelters and found Jingle Bell Star at the Maumelle Animal Shelter. I found out Jingles story… she was found at a truck stop there at Morgan Maummelle, it broke my heart! I put in my application being told another family was interested in her. I left with a call the next day to come get her. She was going to travel to horse shows with my daughter and I… Nope! She wants to chase them and the horses want to kick her. I love her so much! I do not own her… she owns me and runs the house!
(Black & white dog)
Second rescue:
A week ago Wednesday (1/28/15) a co-worker was telling me about
her daughter who is going to vet tech school. The different dogs they had. Next day I see pictures and how much her daughter loves school and doing surgeries.  Friday her daughter was upset! She found out a couple of the dogs that they had spayed and checked out for heart worms, etc.. came from a shelter that puts the animals down. 😦 Her biggest goal was to get Miley out of that shelter in fear that she would never get adopted being hearing impaired. The shelter offered her to my coworkers daughter for $8 since she did the spaying. Again my husband was against it! I pushed and begged. Well, I won! But could not reach anyone at shelter nor anyone there. I found a volunteer who said the person was on vacation. I was upset because there were dogs needing forever homes before it was to late. Saturday the volunteer made the connection with me to come get her. Its only been one week, but love her to death! I just have to learn to learn her language so we can communicate and tell her to leave my barn kitties alone!!! So far just nose kisses with horses…. shes to hyper to let her loose around them.”
(White Boxer)
– Fellow Arkansan!

We got Rocky from the Fayetteville Animal Shelter in February of 2012. We went to the shelter just to look around and instantly fell in love with pretty much every dog. After deciding to adopt one of the puppies, we looked intently for the calmest dog (one that would behave). Rocky sat off to the side calm and behaving well. I was immediately imprressed by his behavior and  decided he was the one we were going to adopt. Little did we know, he was as wild as all the other puppies (he just knew how to get adopted). We have had Rocky ever since and wouldn’t trade him for anything.
-Jake & Mary, Arkansas

Actual pic at the shelte!!



“Niyla is the tan & black dog. She spent a full year in a shelter before I brought her home. She was scared and didn’t like car rides or new people. And now she very comfortable with new people and loves to play with her siblings. Also she is fairly certain the couches were bought for her benefit. The all black dog is Duke, her brother. He is also a rescue.Rescues make the best dogs!”

-Drew from Arkansas


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