A Pure Love For Pets: Dogs on Deployment

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We all know someone in the army however, if you’re not in the army you can’t truly imagine the impact involved with being deployed.  The emotional toll it takes on that person and their loved ones, including their dogs, is tough.  For a lot of soldiers, their dogs are a constant support system & companion. We all love seeing videos of soldiers being reunited with their dogs when they come home! But what about those soldiers that don’t have someone to watch their dog(s) for them while their away?

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Dogs on Deployment is a 501(c)3 Non-profit working to bridge that gap & insure soldiers that their beloved fur baby is in good hands while their away.  After all they do for our county, the least we can do is make sure they have one less thing to worry about while their away!

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Purina is working with Dogs on Deployment to rise awareness on the need of fosters and animal care for the pets belonging to our military men & women while their away from home on deployment.  YOU can make a difference today by visiting PureLoveForPets.com & simply answering a few trivia questions to trigger a donation!

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For every correct answer, Purina will donate .25 – up to $40,000 to Dogs On Deployment! You can answer five questions per day, everyday, until the $40,000 goal is met!

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 6.45.22 PM

Right now $20,000 of the $40,000 goal has been achieved! I encourage you all to take a few minutes out of your day, TODAY, to show support for nations soldiers & their beloved pets!

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With love, hugs, & belly rubs,

Lindsay & Mulligan


Getting it “Just Right” – JustRightPetFood.Com



Choosing a dog food from a hundred different options down the pet food aisle can be a little overwhelming…if you’re ADHD like me, just consider that a lost cause.  Lord help you if your dog has special food requirements. When you first take on the challenge of trying to find the perfect dog food, you should always start with reading the ingredients and trying to get the one that speaks the most English. Often times you get home and all you really know is that you made it home with a bag of dog food that weighs as much as you do. If you’re single it may be a horrible monthly reminder of how you don’t have a boyfriend to lug that thing inside for you (REMINDER FEMALES: You are a strong independent woman! All you need is your dog…and Netflix!). Plus I should also mention just because you are dating someone / married to them still doesn’t mean they will lug that thing inside for you, RUDE.

This is why when Purina gifted me a bag of Just Right” pet food, with Mulligan’s picture on it at the Meet Purina event, I wanted to learn more about this unique idea & brand!


You may remember this picture from our #PetsAtWork Purina trip back in June! It’s the day I was introduced to JustRightPetFood.Com! {Outfit from ShopBelleBoutique.com!}

Just Right pet food allows for you to create a blend just as unique as your dog! Custom designing & engineering your dog’s blend to meet every individual need.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.44.28 PM

Creating a blend is easy, & only takes three simple steps!

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.49.26 PM

Step 1: Create Your Pet Profile

This is where you describe your dog’s basics!

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.56.33 PM

Step 2: Personalize

Here Purina makes a point to hit on every individual need / preference for your dog’s ideal food! Purina asks different questions, targeted around the ability to optimize a premium dog food designed to meet individual needs. All you have to do is provide the answers by moving the scale to where it describes your dog best!

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.58.04 PM

Mulligan is in the middle between lazy & active. He’s like his mama… we get a burst of energy / inspiration to work out and get a nice ass…we get our work out on…break a sweat… but then the pizza guy arrives & the extended version of Harry Potter comes on… (Sorry to rat you out Mulligan)

Your dogs weight demographics are taken:

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 12.05.28 AM

Eating habits are identified:

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 12.06.38 AM

Mulligan is a grazer… it took him a while once he was adopted to realize food was always going to be in his dog bowl. I had to hand feed him for a long time…

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 12.10.02 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 12.10.47 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 12.11.32 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 12.12.23 AM

We do

We do “no wheat, no soy, no grain” at our house, but you do you!



Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 5.45.57 PM

Salmon – This was my protein choice for Mulligan’s blend & he LOVED it!! 

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 5.46.14 PM





Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 12.17.28 AM

Not only do you get to name your dog’s blend, BUT YOU GET TO HAVE THEIR PICTURE ON IT…YES, PLEASE!!!! I mean seriously, who doesn’t want to see a picture of their dog(s) on the front of a bag of dog food? That’s celebridog status!

Step 3: Approve your custom blend!

Here you can see the final product all put together for review! Just Right experts also offer suggestions on feeding your dog based on the information you provided them.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 12.19.48 AM

Did I mention I really like to see Mulligan on the bag?! But what crazy dog mom wouldn’t?!

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 12.21.47 AM

There are several great things about Just Right pet food beyond the attention to detail when designing a custom blend for your dog.

Orders come with several different small bags inside. This insures the freshness of the blend AND if your travel with your dog a lot, or take your dog to work everyday like I do, having several small bags makes a difference! You can easily keep bags at work, or throw a bag in a suit case for travel!

You can even schedule orders SO YOU NEVER RUN OUT OF DOG FOOD AGAIN! You don’t even have to leave the house to make an extra trip or carry that big bag, it gets delivered straight to your front door!

What I really love is how personable the brand is!  Each and every bag has a signature on it of which employee assembled your order for you!

Shoutout to my 9 year old homie, Alex, for sending me this picture! (My picture is at home & clearly I'm not there!)

Shoutout to my 9 year old homie, Alex, for sending me this picture! (My picture is at home & clearly I’m not there!)

To learn more about Just Right pet food, check out the link below where some of the Purina experts answered a few of our questions! >>> https://www.justrightpetfood.com/blog/experts-guide-17-answers-dog-nutrition-wellness-questions/

Mulligan LOVED his blend & so did my friends German Shepard, Kika, that we ordered a blend for!


Want to try a FREE supply of Just Right pet food? Of course you do! Here’s how!

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(2) Comment below to let me know you’ve done so & a little bit of info about your dog!

(3) In the comment section make sure to leave a way to contact you (leave email or if you want to keep it private send me email at LifeOfMulligan@Gmail.Com)

(4) One lucky winner will be picked next week!

With love, hugs, & belly rubs,

-Lindsay & Mulligan


Better With Pets! (Part 1)


Part 1: Personal experience & highlights from Purina Better With Pets Summit!

Part 2 (Coming Soon): Inside scoop on some of the highlighted pet wellness topics that were discussed at Better With Pets! 

I had been counting down the days to the Purina ‘Better With Pets’ summit in New York since I got my invitation! On November 2, 2015, that day finally arrived!


I should probably mention I haven’t been on a plane since our family trip to Disney world…13 years ago. Yes, you read that correctly. No, I have not been on a plane in 13 years. Also, I’ve never been to New York – so I was both extremely excited and a little nervous at the same time! It was a quick trip so I decided to leave Mulligan at home with his dad and introduce the world to paper Mulligan.

Me loading the plane

Me, loading the plane

Ok…maybe I was SUPER nervous about the flying part! But in my defense, it’s been 13 years and a LOT has changed – security is no joke! Cavity checks are real life. It was basically like I’d never flown before, I had no idea how to navigate an airport and I was really trying to play it cool.  Thank God for Taylor & a sweet security guard, they walked me through everything!

Window Seat

Huge shout out to the travel guy at Purina, who was patient in dealing with my brand of crazy. He made sure I had a window seat, by the emergency exit, both there and back. The view was phenomenal!!!! Thank you, Purina travel agent!!!

Paper Mulls in Time Square!

Paper Mulls in Time Square!

New York City was like nothing I had ever seen before but also exactly what I expected it to be.  It was a whole new world! I was a little nervous about exploring New York City alone (with paper Mulligan) but luckily, my Purina BFF Dan acted as our body guard and tour guide all in one!

Paper Mulls at Rockefeller Center!

Paper Mulls visits Rockefeller Center!

This year’s theme for the ‘Better With Pets’ summit was pet wellness. A topic any pet owner should find extremely helpful, especially the parent of a rescue pet!  In most cases, as many of you know, rescue pets come with a past. They often have mental and physical health issues that need to be worked through. Therefore, the topic of emotional wellness was especially interesting, as well as important, to me personally.

“Hi. World’s proudest pet mom here. Coming at you live from Purina Better With Pets summit in NYC”

The ‘Better With Pets’ summit was held at the Brooklyn Expo Center and it was a beautiful venue.  This event was filled with an amazing and fun group of crazy pet lovers; ranging from vet experts to bloggers to purina scientists and of course, some famous pets!



I got to meet Tuna, and yes my heart melted! Tuna was even more fun-loving in person, which I didn’t think was possible, and Courtney (his mom) was so sweet!


Chloe Kardoggian was there, naturally she is everyones favorite sister! This senior lady shows off why adopting senior pets is a fabulous fun thing to do!


I got to see Katie again, who I previously met at the Meet Purina event in St. Louis! Katie has a huge heart & such an inspiring story! She blogs on her site RunsForCookies.Com & I encourage you all to check her out.

Melissa Trippy & Phillip O'Reilly! Watch their vlog on YouTube.Com/Mel

Melissa Trippy & Phillip O’Reilly! Watch their vlog on YouTube.Com/Mel

I also had the pleasure of seeing Melissa & Phillip again, who were also at Meet Purina.  These two are seriously the two nicest people you will ever come across & they’re so fun to get to spend time with!

Turnin' up on a Tuesday with the squad

Turnin’ up on a Tuesday with the squad {Katie, Melissa, Dan, Phil, me}

Since the event happened to take place on a Tuesday… well… I couldn’t resist myself on the caption.  It’s always a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by people who are just as crazy about their pets as you are! It also serves as a reminder that really it’s those who aren’t obsessed with their pets that are crazy!


I cannot express in words how appreciative I am of the Purina company & their support / sponsorship of Mulligan. I am proud to support a company that shares the same morals & passion I do when it comes to pets. Each time I come in contact with the Purina company, I am even more impressed than the last.  Purina has allowed for me to provide Mulligan with the best possible life when it comes to his health & continues to help me grow as a pet parent. That being said the Better With Pets event especially embraced me!


Wondering what this awesomeness is? GOOD! STAY TUNED OF BETTER WITH PETS (Part 2) where I will go into detail on a few of the wonderful things I learned about pet wellness! You won’t want to miss it!

With love, hugs, & belly rubs,

-Lindsay & Mulligan



November hosts a very special holiday, Thanksgiving. A holiday where we all take the time to realize all of the wonderful things we have to be thankful for – as well as pray for those who we know are less fortunate.  I’m not one to get emotional, or preach religious beliefs.  As a matter of fact, when I was asked to give the Thanksgiving prayer many years back I said “Thank you Lord, holy ghost, fastest hand gets the most” & dug right into the feast… a story I often retell around this time of the year with the warning label “DONT DO TRY AT HOME”.

However, I would like to take a minute to attempt to express in words just how thankful I am for Mulligan & the impact he has made, and continues to make, everyday in my life.

There're no bad days when you have a constant companion by your side!

No bad days with Mulligan by my side!

Mulligan has shown me all the true qualities of life: friendship, love, happiness and forgiveness. He has taught me unconditional love as we support each other every day. His pure happiness and new outlook on life have drastically improved mine! There is no such thing as a bad day when Mulligan is around. People say he’s lucky to have found me, but I’m the lucky one, who is honored to be a part of his life. Not a day goes by that I am not truly thankful for Mulligan. He has completed me and filled my heart with love I didn’t even know I had!


From November 2 through Thanksgiving, Purina is inviting all dog owners to share on social media why they are so thankful for their dog! For every original post that tags Purina (@Purina) & uses the #DogThanking, Purina will donate $1 to the AKC Canine Health Foundation – up to $75,000 – to help keep pets healthy.

This is Mulligan's

This is Mulligan’s “sexy” face

Tune in on Thanksgiving Day for the National Dog Show Presented by Purina, which airs at noon (in all time zones) hosted by NBC, & your picture/video could be shown! I can’t wait to see all of the amazing stories & pets with their owners through the #DogThanking!

I would also like to say how thankful I am to be sponsored by the Purina company! Their love & support for Mulligan & I have created so many wonderful opportunities for us. The morals behind the Purina company allow me to fill Mulligan’s food bowl every morning with peace of mind knowing he is getting the best food available, enabling me to support Mulligan with the healthiest lifestyle possible! I am forever grateful for their continued support / sponsorship & for the belief that people and pets are better together.


With love, hugs, & belly rubs,

-Lindsay & Mulligan

50 Shades of Stray! 

Last night Taylor & I attended an event called “50 Shades of Stray” benefitting the Washington County Animal Shelter!

This event was held at Pratt Place Barn in Fayetteville, Arkansas & was absolutely beautiful.

There was a live band, dinner, silent auction, wine bar & people wearing #MulliganMovement tanks!

And then there was this…

A custom dog bed. Not just any custom dog bed… A bone shapped, modern pattern, black, large size, with a matching pillow dog bed. I had to have it… And I do mean I had to have it!

Taylor spent the whole night standing guard over my dog bed to make sure we won! Oh my dog was I excited!!! Not only did we win the auction for this pawsome dog bed, but the money also went to helping the shelter! DOUBLE WIN!

We had a blast supporting the animals & meeting new people who share our belief in helping animal shelters reach their full potential!

For more information on this non-profit you can go to AnimalLeagueOfWashingtonCounty.Org!


T-shirt Release at Belle Boutique!

How I feel about having to hear myself talk on camera... I prefer when Mulligan's good looks & charm do the work!

Side note: This is how I feel about having to hear myself talk on camera… I prefer when Mulligan’s good looks & charm do the work! But thats all beside the point, I have dogs & cats to save.

This is a BIG week for the Mulligan Movement, Non-Profit!  The unisex t-shirt line was released at all of the Belle Boutique locations & ShopBelleBoutique.Com! Watch this video, as Mulligan & I travel to Rogers, Arkansas, to document the work that goes on behind the scenes of Mulligan Movement apparel while they get it ready for the stores!


This time around, we released two shirt designs! One being the straight, sexy piece displayed above, and of course, the original Mulligan logo that was seen on the tank tops (and below)!


From unpacking, hanging, steaming, tagging, assembling Mulligan tags, and getting the shirts up for display, every step of the process is important!  Especially the tagging part…


It may be the southern roots, but there is something special about a handwritten thank you! I think their phenomenal.  That being said, I hand write each and every thank you note that goes with every shirt tag.  I want people to know how much I genuinely appreciate their support for the Mulligan Movement.

My hubby casually bringing sexy back! Yes ladies, get your man one! Girls, get your guy friends one every woman loves a man with a soft spot for animals!

My hubby-to-be casually bringing sexy back!

Did I mention this line is unisex? Yes, ladies, get your man one! Girls, get your guy friends one, every woman loves a man with a soft spot for animals!


The lighting was awful… But hey, Mulligan looks fabulous!

You can grab a Mulligan Movement shirt today for only $30 at any Belle Boutique location or on ShopBelleBoutique.Com.  100% of the proceeds from sales will be donated to an Arkansas animal shelter to help cover the cost of medical needs.

Take 2

Take 2

AND the girls even have a secret stash of Beggin’ bacon strips for Mulligan behind the register! They know his weakness!


Can’t wait to see the difference we can make for shelters working together this time around!

With love, hugs & belly rubs,

Lindsay & Mulligan

Domestic Violence Victims Escape WITH Their Pets!

My eye was swollen shut. I was bloody and bruised from head to toe. A police officer took my statement as I sat silently crying in the Emergency Room. I had never felt so low. I just wanted to die then and there, but that wasn’t my first trip under these circumstances. I knew my abuser was at home, alone, with my cat – my baby. That thought consumed me. I knew I had to get home to save her. If he would do this to me, what would he do to her? – Shawna, 2015 domestic violence survivor

Shawna & her cat Sammi!

Shawna & her cat Sammi: they are happily living a safe new life together!

Pets are such a tremendous part of our lives: a constant support group, unconditional love, a source of stability & emotional well-being. It should be no surprise that an estimated 48% of domestic violence victims stay with their abusers in order to stay with their beloved pets. Abusers also know the bond between their victims & their pets, often time using them as leverage against their victims and threatening violence against the pets.  This phenomenon has been reported by more than 70% of pet owners who enter shelters. This is a national struggle that knows no race, social class, or status and anyone can fall victim. Purina, a proud sponsor of the Mulligan Movement, has taken this crisis to heart & reaches out to make a difference.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 9.24.19 PM

Manhattan’s Urban Resource Institute (URI) and Nestle Purina met on October 13, 2015 to open Manhattan’s first-ever dog park within a Domestic Violence Shelter – The Purina Pet Haven. The dog park is located at Urban Women’s Retreat (UWR), which is part of the URIPALS (People and Animals Living Safely) program. URIPALS is the only program of its kind in New York City, and one of the few nationally, that allows for domestic violence victims to live in shelter with their pets!

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 9.25.51 PM

Purina, however, has been a long time supporter of survivors of domestic violence and their pets. Purina also sponsored the creation of the Purina Play Haven at URI’s Safe Haven shelter in Brooklyn back in 2014, the first-ever dog park at a domestic violence shelter in New York City {see video below}. To date, URIPALS has helped 43 families and 63 pets! When these statistics are broken down, that is 38 cats, 18 dogs and a variety of other pets such as reptiles & fish who have been potentially saved from danger! Every pet matters!

Purina also wants to continue to make sure that domestic violence victims don’t have to worry about providing for their loved ones, as they have enough to worry about during their transition. At the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Purina showed their passion for this cause by donating Purina ONE dog food, Purina Cat Chow, as well as many other dog treats & cat litter. Purina has committed to continue to work with URI to provide supplies that will be used to create welcome kits for families entering the shelter with their pets. These supplies consist of pet travel carriers, safety gates, pet beds, food & water bowls, scratching post, leashes toys & more!

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 9.25.33 PM

Purina has always stated their belief that people and pets are better together! URI & Purina hope that their efforts will help reduce the barriers and struggles for families of domestic violence on their journey to safety. Together they hope to continue to raise awareness about the impact of domestic violence and furthermore the abuse that can spread to the entire family – pets count too!


Purina is a company that I couldn’t be more proud to stand behind! Their continued support & sponsorship of Mulli and the Mulligan Movement, alongside the many ways they display their strong moral fiber in the community, shows they’re a company I can proudly partner with!

With love, hugs & belly rubs,

Lindsay & Mulligan

Ellie & Myrtle: A Special Duo

As many of you know October is “adopt a shelter dog” month!  In honor of that I would love to introduce everyone to two VERY SPECIAL rescue pups… Ellie & Myrtle!


Meet Ellie: Ellie is a four year old Dachshund, and Cortney’s first rescue baby.  When Cortney decided it was time to get herself a dog she got on to Petfinder and began her search for a Dachshund of any age.   It was there she found six month old Ellie from Peteau Valley Humane Society in Oklahoma, where she had been dumped in a box.  Wearing pearls in her picture Cortney said “it was then I knew she would be special”.



Meet Myrtle: Recently Cortney’s brother, who fosters elderly dogs, told her she should check out fostering.  This got Cortney back onto Petfinder where she found Juliet (now Myrtle) who was the last of her litter & currently being fostered in Maumelle, Arkansas.  Cortney drove down to meet her and knew she would be the perfect addition for her & Ellie.

Everyone meet Myrtle!

and Myrtle! (Named after a patient of Cortney’s that touched her heart)

Cortney is an Occupational Therapist in Fayetteville, Arkansas who deals with special needs patients everyday.  Her dogs are no different!


I’m SO jealous of this!

Both Ellie & Myrtle are special needs Dachshund’s that landed a home with the perfect support group!  Ellie is Epileptic, suffering from seizures.  If you’ve never witnessed a dog having a seizure, it’s a heart breaking experience with no way to really help.


Despite being Epileptic Ellie is one fun loving girl, who like us all, enjoys a good outfit!  In the spirit of Halloween we will share a few!


“Witch whatchu looking’ at”



“Muggles, they just don’t understand.”

“Treat or Treat, no tricks here. Hand em’ over”

Myrtle is both blind and deaf.  Yes, bless her heart she is both.

Yes. I said “bless her heart” and yes thats something Southern people say.

DSC_1229 copy

This is a result of two back yard breeders who ignorantly bred two Dapple Dachshund’s. Realizing their mistake they dumped all the puppies, who were either blind, deaf, or both like Myrtle, at a shelter.  THIS IS WHY WE NEED LAWS ON BREEDING!!

Mulligan loves her!

Myrtle came over to play! Mulligan loves her!

Cortney uses tactile sensations to help train Myrtle, such as spraying scents on certain objects so she can determine different things around the house. Cortney also uses a special halo contraption to help Myrtle learn her way around the house without getting hurt.

DSC_1178 copy

For more on this invention visit MuffinsHalo.Com!

Myrtle enjoying her first ever Beggin' bacon strip! She actually sniffed them out and got the bag out of my bag! Being

Myrtle enjoying her first ever Beggin’ bacon strip! She actually sniffed them out retrieved the bag out of my purse! Being “special needs” doesn’t slow her down!

The great thing about this device is owners are known to donate them back once their dog is done adjusting.  This allows for other dog owners to use this device without having to pay for one!  These devices range from $60-$130 and noone wants finances to get in the way of helping a dog in need. Cortney also uses a collar to identify her as special needs so that other know!

DSC_1188 copy

Myrtle will blow you away with her wit, playfulness, and loving soul.  She far exceeds any expectation you may have for a six month old blind and deaf puppy – stealing your heart, making you smile, and giving you a daily boost of inspiration!

DSC_1221 copy

Ellie & Myrtle could not have landed a better forever home than the one they have with Cortney.  Cortney is someone who works with special needs everyday and truly appreciates their uniqueness as well as the love / work that goes into attending their needs.

DSC_1206 copy

Ellie & Myrtle’s adoption stories demonstrate many different key points on shelter awareness:

-Purebred dogs can be adopted, not purchased.

-Lack of legal action against dog breeding results in misuse and abuse. This lands thousands of dogs into shelters everyday and the reality is… they all aren’t this lucky, especially special needs dogs.

-Special needs dogs will steal your heart with the chance to be loved as they are, special in every way!

Most of all these three are teaching a life lesson – perfection is imperfection!

Yes y'all. This is in her house amongst hundreds of other Weiner dog accessories. She's seriously the cutest!

Yes y’all. This is in her house amongst hundreds of other Weiner dog accessories. She’s seriously the cutest!

Happy Adopt a Shelter Dog Month!

With love, hugs & belly rubs,

-Lindsay & Mulligan

Washington County Animal Shelter Donation

Huge THANK YOU to Southern Reprographics for donating the giant print of our check!!

Huge THANK YOU to Southern Reprographics for donating the giant print of our check!!


First & Foremost: Sorry for the blurry pictures everyone… they are screen shots of the PAWSOME YouTube video documenting our trip to the Washington County Animal Shelter.

Mulligan Movement apparel is sold at Belle Boutique, where 100% of the proceeds are donated to local animal shelters to help provide health care needs.

Each & every Mulligan shirt has a tag that explain his story, as well as a hand written thank you note. I could have printed the

Each & every Mulligan Movement shirt has a tag that explains his story, as well as a hand written “Thank you” note. Sure, I could have printed the “thank you” notes… but I want people to know just how much I truly appreciate their support!

For new readers, when Mulligan was adopted he had several health issues that had to be treated and this brought to my attention the medical funding, or lack there of, in shelters.  This is what inspired Mulligan Movement & why the funds go where they go!

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 3.40.45 PM

Mulligan was very proud of himself, as well he should be!

On August 22 Mulligan & I met Brittany, the owner of Belle Boutique, at the Washington County Animal Shelter to make a donation.  This shelter had recently been going through some issues with their budget.

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 3.36.49 PM

As soon as I heard about the issues with the budget, I contacted Brittany and we decided this would be the perfect time to donate Mulligan Movement apparel money to the shelter.  We wanted to not only make sure they had money to cover necessary medical expenses, but also let the shelter know that the community stood behind them.

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 3.43.04 PM

I mean really? Look at that face! I love you, puppy.

I called the shelter to discuss what was going on, tell them we wanted to donate a $1,000, where it was coming from, what the $1,000 had to spent on, and make sure it was ok to bring several people as well as a photographer / videographer to document the donation! We got the green light & on Saturday, August 22, 2015 we all met at the shelter to make it happen!

Sydney stopped by as part of the Mulligan Movement to play with some kittens & help out!

Sydney stopped by as part of the Mulligan Movement to play with some kittens & help out!

The reason I wanted the donation documented was so that not only people who have participated in the Mulligan Movement could see the impact they have made, but so that others in the community could see what the Mulligan Movement is all about.

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 3.35.28 PM

This is Ava, 9 years old, and has followed Mulligan since the beginning! Ava joined us at the shelter to make a very special donation of her own.  Ava did a lemonade stand at a garage sale that morning & wanted to donate her money to the Washington County Animal Shelter as well!

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 3.37.44 PM

While Ava was visiting the shelter she fell in love with Rico.  When Ava made her donation she asked that it cover the adoption fee for Rico.  This made him free to an approved home & he has since been adopted! THANK YOU AVA FOR BEING PAWSOME & SETTING A GREAT EXAMPLE!

Don't forget to watch our video blog to see more about this donation!

Don’t forget to watch our video blog to see more about this donation!

When we make a donation with Mulligan Movement funds, we require the shelter to give us an invoice for the medical supplies the money was spent on! This is to insure that the funds were used correctly & also so that I can show you exactly where the money went.  After all, its your money & I want to uphold the integrity behind what we do.  I am so  happy to show all of you where YOUR money went and the difference WE MADE TOGETHER!

Invoice 1

Invoice 1

Here is the first invoice that details what donation money was used on.  Let me break it down into English because none of us speak Vet! Unless of course you are a vet… or science person…

1)Pyrantel Pamoate: This is a deworming agent used to treat hookworm & roundworms.

2)Azithromycin: This is used to treat bacterial infections.

3)Enercal: A vitamin & energy supplement for dogs & cats.

4)Doxycycline: Treats infections caused by bacteria.  Typically used to treat Lyme disease.

5)Advita: Probiotic used to help with bowel function and general health (this one was specifically for felines)

6) Neo-Poly-Dex: Prescription eye medication to treat bacterial infections in eyes or on the eye lid.

7) Otomite: Medication used to treat ear infections.

Invoice 2

Invoice 2

1)Nobivac Intra / Canine: 1 year intranasal vaccine that protects against canine cough as well as Bordetella and canine Parainfluenza virus.

2) Nobivac Feline: 2 year vaccine against feline Leukemia virus and feline STD’s  (for all my promiscuous kitties, this ones for you!)

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 3.40.59 PM

THANKS TO YOU & ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT we were able to make a difference for the Washington County Animal Shelter in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  I am so happy to show everyone what we were able to accomplish working together through the Mulligan Movement! You can purchase Mulligan Movement apparel right now at ShopBelleBoutique.Com & a new T-shirt line is coming out soon! With your continued support we hope to be making many more donations through the Mulligan Movement & can’t wait to show you!


With love, hugs & belly rubs,

-Lindsay & Mulligan

Traveling With A Dog 101


I don’t go anywhere without Mulligan! Especially trips.  Mulligan is a part of this family and I don’t want him left at home when we travel. Since the day we adopted Mulligan he has NEVER been kept in a crate or been kenneled.  After he did his time in the shelter I didn’t feel right ever putting him back in a cage or leaving him, and never have! That being said I feel I have become somewhat of a pro when it comes to traveling with a dog! Family trips, work trips, Purina trips, day trips… we’ve taken them all! Here are 10 things you need to know!

  1. Pack a bag!  Yes, pack your pet a bag!


Food, leash, bowls, treats, brush, toothbrush, dog toothpaste, bow tie collars… CHECK CHECK CHECK! #HelicopterMom 

They need everything you would use for their daily routine, just like you need everything for your daily routine! Hotels don’t come standard with poop bags & dog bowls  like they do shampoo & a hair dryer.


This is common curiosity... because basically you're just rude if you don't.

Clearly Mulligan’s drink of choice is the Mango-Rita & no he is not willing to share with you #SorryNotSorry

This is just common courtesy… basically you’re just rude if you don’t.



Obviously this is the most comfortable travel spot… because it’s totally safe to drive with a 55 pound dog in your lap.

I always set up a travel spot in the car for Mulligan.  I place his bed in a secure spot in the back of the car & make sure he has room (aka the entire back seat). OR if we’re in a SUV I’ll put his bed & a pillow etc. down to make a pallet in the floor, always making sure he is close to an air vent!


Tried to trade places… he shut me down quicker than Kim Kardashians’s first wedding. Then snored for the next two hours straight to rub it in. RUDE.


Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 11

For short quick trips this is nothing to really worry about.  However, for long car rides I always make sure to pack snacks (bones, treats, etc.) for Mulligan or make sure I have food ready for him to eat when we stop for food!  And yes… I do mean dog food. But I mean… come on… how cute is he eating that Whataburger grilled cheese?!



But mainly just so your dog can eat those too.



I always have a cooler with cold water bottles & Mulligan’s cup! This way I can fill the cup up with cold water for Mulligan any time he needs it! I can also leave the cup in the cup holder so that he can get to it himself any time he wants AND you don’t have to worry about spills!



Blaming my pea size bladder & constant need for a bathroom break on Mulligan’s “need” to walk and pee sure did come in handy! No one was fooled… Im not allowed to have liquids on trips. 

Remember to get out and let your dog stretch his legs! Making a point to pull over here & there to let them walk for a bit & take a bathroom break!



No really it’s cool… I don’t need any room or anything. Beds all yours, Mulligan. #Typical

More & more places are becoming dog friendly! It’s not hard to find a hotel that allows for your dog to stay with you! We have stayed in several dog friendly hotels as well as vacation rentals!



“This part is totally crazy. Can you believe after all those years Peter Pettigrew was really Ron’s rat?” #MindBlown -Mulligan

Because everyone needs a good bed time story! …That and cable in a hotel room is a joke… not paying $9.99 for a movie either.



or maybe I’m his stage 5 clinger??? #CrazyDogMom

Because you can’t truly enjoy a trip without your better half!

With love, hugs, & belly rubs,

-Lindsay & Mulligan