Fur Friendly Fayetteville!

If your anything like me you spend more time at home eating take out, renting movies, watching Netflix and shopping online. Why? Because your dog is ALWAYS welcome on your couch and you would much rather be at home with your fur baby than out pretending to socialize with people! Don’t get me wrong, I know there are times when you have to venture out into a world of places that don’t allow dogs (like ER and Walmart) but I don’t even socialize with people who don’t like dogs. People who don’t like dogs are not good people! One of the many reasons I love Fayetteville, Arkansas is because there are so many places that are fur friendly & allow for Mulligan and I to get out on the town! Plus I love supporting places that support my unhealthy obsession with my dog! SO here are some fur friendly places in Fayetteville where your happy to spend your money!


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