Lake Weddington Birthday Hike

February 20th, 2016

All I wanted for my 24th birthday was to get outside and explore with my two favorite people; Taylor & Mulligan (yes, he doesn’t know he’s a dog!)!  Being a February baby, warm weather is not the norm but quite the opposite.  This year, however, I got lucky! Taylor took off work, the weather was gorgeous, and Mulligan & I got everything packed and ready for a nature hike.  We drove 30 minutes, paid to park, started out on our adventure, and the hiking trail was closed.  Yes, closed. Go figure! None-the-less they were determined to make my birthday request come true and together we made the best out of the day! Taylor even found his inner photographer, catching some great images of Mulligan with the new camera! Later on at dinner my uncle asked, in my 24 years of life, what knowledge have I obtained that I would pass on.  My answer was simple – rescue a pet who needs a second chance & a loving home, they will save your life!






New Years Purina Pet Pledge!

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 10.52.06 AM

Every year, when we complete another trip around the sun, we insist on lying to ourselves with a stupid New Year’s resolution.  However, when you have a partner & a good resolution you set yourself up for success! With that in mind, Purina is encouraging us to keep our favorite four-legged family members in mind by visiting PureLoveForPets.Com and making a Pet Pledge for 2016! After all… they’re our constant companions & biggest supporters!

This year I have made the Purina Pet Pledge, with Mulligan, to play more games of fetch & continue to raise shelter awareness that encourages pet adoption!


So what’s your 2016 Pet Pledge going to be?! Head on over to PureLoveForPets.Com to make your pet pledge & play the instant-win game for the chance to win an assortment of awesome dog / cat prizes! The dog prize box consist of a Furminator, Kong toys, & other great dog accessories! The dog grand prize is a Deluxe Dog Crate!  The cat prize box has a Furminator, kitty hammock (yes, a kitty hammock!!!!), toys, and more! The cat grand prize is a deluxe cat tower! The instant-win game will run through Wednesday, February 17th!

Since the day I got Mulligan, I promised to give him the best life I possibly could as his mom! One key element is giving Mulligan a healthy lifestyle & diet; which is why he has eaten Purina Pro Plan since I adopted him! That’s a promise I will continue to uphold throughout his life.  If a healthier lifestyle is part of your New Years resolution, make the Pet Pledge to give your pet a healthier lifestyle for 2016 too & let the two of you get healthy together! Purina coupons will be in the Sunday paper (as well as those already on PureLoveForPets.Com) to help you give your pet a healthier diet & help you save money at the same time! Check out PureLoveForPets.Com to see what all they can offer you & your fur baby this year!


With love, hugs & belly rubs,

-Lindsay & Mulligan



Eliminate The Option, Not The Pet. Pet Friendly Living in NWA.

One of the biggest excuses people use as justification for rehoming or abandoning their pets at shelters is “I’m moving & I can’t have pets at the new place.” THIS EXCUSE DRIVES ME BONKERS!  I just can NOT accept that excuse for anything other than laziness & not really loving your pet.  You may have to look a little bit harder or a little further down the road but finding a pet friendly rental is more than possible.

When we adopted Mulligan we were living in a house & decided we wanted to move elsewhere.  We began to look at different rental options and we had to eliminate some of our potential options due to their pet policy.  But thats just it… we eliminated our options NOT OUR FUR BABY!

I have done hours of research, called countless places, spoken to different rental owners, and have complied a list of pet friendly rentals here in Northwest Arkansas.  This list includes the name of the rental, the pet policy, pricing, and more.  Pretty much everything you need to know.

When I called these places I explained my name was Lindsay & I am a blogger writing about pet friendly places to live in NWA – so my intentions were stated upfront.  Almost everyone was helpful & friendly but I did have a few places decline to answer which tells you all you need to know.  Naturally the most friendly & helpful places were the ones that are truly pet friendly (50+ pounds).  The few people who seemed irritated with the fact they answered my call came from places with the 20 pounds or less rule. On that note: (1) seriously how many people own dogs under 20 pounds? and (2)  I would like to just say if they think a dog is more destructive than a college kid… they should reevaluate!

I promised I would publish this post by the end of today BUT I am still getting a LOT of calls back from places & waiting to hear back from several others.  That being said I am going to go ahead and publish what I have but I will be adding a “Fur Friendly Living” tab under “Fur Friendly Fayetteville” where you will be able to reference this info along with more places as they come in.

SO without further ado, from highest weigh to lowest weight restrictions (color coded), here we go!

Mountain Ranch Apartments (Fayetteville): 

  • NO WEIGHT LIMIT – the only restriction is that renters cannot have “aggressive” breeds (Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Chows, Dobermans, German Shepards) BUT unknown mixed breeds are ok.
  • Dog Park on site
  • $200 pet deposit
  • $20 per month pet rent
  • Rent ranges from $694 – $1,315.  They have a range of options from 1 bedroom 1 bath to 3 bedroom 2 bath. 

The Woods At Johnson Mill:

  • NO WEIGHT LIMIT – the only restriction is that renters cannot have “aggressive” breeds (as listed above)
  • $200 Pet Deposit
  • $300 Non-refundable pet fee
  • $20 per month pet rent
  • Rent starts at $694 and they offer 1-2 bedroom options

Keystone Crossing (Springdale,AR):

  • NO WEIGHT LIMIT – only restriction is that renters cannot have “aggressive” breeds (as listed above)
  • $200 Non-refundable pet fee
  • $200 Refundable pet deposit
  • Rent ranges from $430-685.  Offering studio – 2 bedroom options.

Krauft Rental’s (Fayetteville, Johnson, Springdale):

  • NO WEIGHT LIMIT – only restriction is that renters cannot have “aggressive” breeds (as listed above)
  • Have over 40 different rentals
  • $200 Non-refundable pet deposit (per pet)
  • Rent ranges from $500-$900

The Grove At Fayetteville:

  • The weight limit is 50 pounds HOWEVER a dog more than 50 pounds CAN LIVE THERE if the dog is interviewed & approved by management!! 
  • $250 Deposit 
  • $30 Per month pet rent
  • Trail behind property for walking your dog
  • Rent goes for $530-$560 PER ROOM depending on the size of the apartment. 

The Spectrum (Fayetteville):

  • 75 pound weight limit (you can have up to 2 dogs & each dog can be up to 75 pounds) 
  • $200 Pet deposit
  • $15 Per month pet rent
  • Offers 1-3 bedroom options. Rent ranges from $525-$810 PER ROOM. 

The Reserve At Steel Crossing (Fayetteville):

  • 75 pound weight limit (this is total-not per dog & they do have a 2 dog limit OR obviously one dog up to 75 pounds ) 
  • $15 Per month pet rent
  • $250 Pet deposit
  • Dog park on site

Stoneleigh Centerton (Centerton, AR)

  • 65 pound weight limit 
  • 2 pet maximum
  • $200 Refundable Pet Deposit
  • $300 Non-refundable pet fee
  • $15 per month pet rent
  • Rent goes for $648-$875. 1 and 2 bedroom options.

Stadium Apartments (Fayetteville):

  • 50 Pound weight limit
  • $300 Pet deposit, non-refundable
  • $200 Pet fee, refundable
  • $15 Per month pet rent
  • Rent ranges from $575-700.  1 and 2 bedroom options. 

Stadium Apartments (Fayetteville):

  • 50 pound weight limit AND you can have up to two dogs 50 pounds EACH.
  • $300 Pet Fee non-refundable
  • $200 Pet Deposit
  • $15 Per month pet rent
  • 1-2 bedroom options. Rent ranges from $575-$700! 

NOTE: The listings below are in RED because of their low weight limit. If you have a big dog STOP HERE. Of course if you have a doctors note stating you need your dog for anxiety or depression reasons the weight limit & fees are void

The Cliffs (Fayetteville):

  • 30 pound weight limit
  • $300 Pet Deposit
  • $25 Per month pet rent
  • Picture of dog & shot records required.

Southern View Apartments (Fayetteville):

  • 25 Pound weight limit (4 pet friendly buildings located in phase 1)
  • $200-$250 Pet deposit
  • $50 Per month pet rent
  • Rent starts at $530.  1 and 2 bedroom options.

Paradise View (Fayetteville):

  • 25 Pound weight limit
  • $300 Pet deposit
  • $25 Per month pet rent

Crafton Place:

  • 20 Pound weight limit AND dog must be over a year old
  • $300 Pet deposit
  • $25 Per month pet rent
  • Rent starts at $400. 1 and 2 bedroom options. 

Fair Part Apartments:

  • 20 Pound weight limit AND dog must be over a year old
  • $300 Pet deposit
  • $25 Per month pet rent.
  • Rent starts at $505. 1 and 2 bedroom options. 

Appleby Apartments:

  • 20 Pound weight limit
  • $300 Pet deposit
  • $25 Per month pet rent
  • Rent starts at $410.  1 and 2 bedroom options.

The Station Apartments (Springdale, AR):

  • 20 Pound weight limit
  • $300 Pet deposit
  • $25 Per month pet rent
  • Rent starts at $400. 1 and 2 bedroom options. 

Chestnut Apartments:

  • 15 Pound weight limit
  • $300 Pet deposit
  • $25 Per month pet rent
  • Rent starts at $370.  1 and 2 bedroom options.

East Oaks Apartments:

  • 15 Pound weight limit
  • $300 Pet deposit
  • $25 Per month pet rent
  • Rent starts at $380. 1 and 2 bedroom options.

The Parks Apartments:

  • 15 Pound weight limit
  • Picture of pet required
  • $300 Pet deposit, refundable
  • $25 Per month pet rent
  • Rent starts at $435.  1 and 2 bedroom options.

The Greens Apartments:

  • 15 Pound weight limit
  • $300 Pet deposit
  • NO monthly pet rent
  • Rent starts at $430. 1 and 2 bedroom options.

The Links Apartments (Fayetteville):

  • 15 Pound weight limit
  • $300 Pet deposit
  • $25 Per month pet rent
  • Rent starts at $635. 1 and 2 bedroom options.
  • Iam’s Dog Park is located off of the golf course.

Shiloh Apartments:

  • 15 Pound weight limit
  • $300 Pet deposit
  • $25 Per month pet rent
  • Rent starts at $490. 1 and 2 bedroom options.

Stern Street Apartments:

  • 15 Pound weight limit ( 2 pet friendly buildings)
  • $300 Pet deposit
  • $25 Per month pet rent
  • Rent starts at $540.  1 and 2 bedroom options.

Perks Of Sleeping With Your Dog!


Yeah, that’s a foot in my face. 

GREAT news for anyone who’s husband doesn’t think you need the dog to sleep in bed with you… as if that’s not obviously a necessity in the first place! The Center of Sleep Medicine, Mayo Clinic in Arizona, just released a new study that reveals sleeping with your pet(s) have positive health benefits!


The study collected questionnaires & conducted interviews with 150 patients from the sleep clinic.  74/150  people (49%) interviewed for the study reported having pets.  Of those 74 pet owners 31 (41%) reported being a multi pet house hold. Over half of the pet owners (56%) reported  their pets sleep in the bedroom. Fifteen pet owners (20%) described their pets as disruptive, whereas 31 (41%) perceived their pets as unobtrusive &  even beneficial to getting a good nights sleep.


We really aren’t morning people…

There are several different emotional wellness benefits that go hand & hand with a furry sleeping partner.  I, for one, can vouch for these benefits as I sleep with Mulligan everyday!


Some of those emotional health benefits include…

-Providing a sense of warmth

-Providingcompanionship (for the single & those of us who’s spouses don’t cuddle)

Stress relief. Everyone knows that touching a pet can relieve stress, so night time snuggles can help end a rough / stressful day with positive vibes.

-Providing a sense of security


Participants even said part of the reason they got a dog or cat in the first place was to help them relax at night, and this was especially true for single people or people whose partners often traveled or worked at night.


Wishing you & your fur baby a wonderful nights sleep!

-Lindsay & Mulligan


10 Christmas Dog Mom (or Dad) Must Haves!

Like any regular mom, the holidays are prime time for a crazy dog mom! It gives you the purrrfect opportunity to dress up your pets, spoil them by buying a ridiculous amount of gifts (like you don’t do that on a regular Tuesday anyways), and anything else you might need an excuse for!

Here are 10 Christmas Dog Mom Must Haves! 

(1) A wreath that is not only festive, but proclaims that a crazy dog mom lives here! 


The Grinch is my FAVORITE Christmas story & so I couldn’t help myself… I made us a Grinch & Max wreath.  I think it describes Mulls & I extremely well AND it gave me the perfect way to incorporate my dog love & classic Christmas!

(2) An Ugly Christmas Sweater 


$10 Walmart find!!! Walmart has super cute Christmas sweaters for dogs of all sizes for under $12!

(3) Stockings! 


Another great Walmart find! I tried several different stores but couldn’t find one I really liked… and then I found this one! It even looks like Mulligan!

(4) Christmas Collars


I got this collar at Petsmart on sale last year!

(5) Christmas Themed Toys 


Reindeer Toy:  This was a gift to Mulligan from a dear friend of mine (we meet after she started following Mulligan on Instagram!) & it came from TJ Max! Santa Toys: The Santa toys came from Walmart! The Grinch: This was ordered from PetCo.Com! The stores are constantly sold out so don’t even try!

(6) A Santa Suit


Ok, it’s not a suit! But this Santa tie is precious & it was only $3 at Walmart in the Christmas section!

(7) Gifts Under The Tree!



Mulligan has his very own Christmas tree & I recognize my crazy SO here are just a few of his Christmas gifts!

(8) A List For Santa 


We tried…

(9) A Favorite Christmas Story


Mulligan & I watch the Grinch all the time! He literally watches Max on TV it’s pretty funny!

(10) Most Of All…. A LOVING Family!



All of these things will obviously be on sale after Christmas, so it will be the perfect time to stock up on Christmas stuff for next year!  I know I will! You can never have to much Christmas spirit!

Wishing you all a VERY Merry Christmas!


Lindsay & Mulligan


Getting Bazaar With Friends


Friday, December 18, 2015 was the Butterfield 4th grade Bazaar & I was lucky enough to attend!  Every year Butterfield elementary school host a Bazaar for the 4th graders! Students are put into groups where they come up with a products as well as marketing strategies to sell those products.  All year long the kids are rewarded with “Bronco Bucks” for good behavior & other activities which the kids save up to buy things at the Bazaar.

I admit I had never heard of a Bazaar, so here is the definition via Google:

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 11.52.43 PM

One very special 4th grader, Alex, decided she wanted to sell “Mulli’s Munchies” (a box filled with candy & snacks) along with other Mulligan inspired things as a way to teach her classmates about shelter awareness! Alex even decided she would donate HER OWN REAL MONEY – NOT BRONCO BUCKS YALL – to a shelter! Everything about this just made my heart pitter patter.


Alex & Mulligan preparing “Mulli’s Munchies” for the Bazaar!

So while Alex was busy making Mulli Munchies I took on making Mulligan cut outs for the kids to take pictures with!


Just a casual selfie with the selfie king himself.


I also made a very special cut out… TURBO!!!


Turbo’s mom, Ashely, is a good friend of mine & we felt it would be great to bring along a furry friend who could show the kids that having a disability just makes someone more unique! It isn’t something to point at, pick on someone for, or whisper about – it’s just something God decides that makes a person more unique.


Alex showed up to the Bazaar loaded with goodies & ready to roll!


How cute are these?! She even gave out Mulligan bumper stickers with every box! BEST OF ALL can we all take a second to notice she but “ALL SALES FINAL” on the front of the table… thats business 101 HA!!


The girls hustled these like pros AND SOLD OUT!!!! They made an impressive amount of Bronco Bucks!!


Besides Mulli’s Munchies, the kids could also take pictures, for $10 Bronco Bucks, with the Mulli & Turbo props!


They even got super cute old school polaroid prints of their pics!


Ms. Ava making sure she gets the perfect shot! 

The Photo Booth was so much fun to watch!







All in all, it was a wonderful day & a great learning experience! It was so cool to see all of the different products the kids came up with & made – as well as how stingy some of the kids could be with their Bronco Bucks!  This was seriously one of the most valuable learning tools I have ever seen used in grade school!


HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to Ms. Alex for being such an amazing person! Alex’s love for animals & inspiration to make a difference:

(1) Made this shelter awareness learning opportunity available to her classmates

(2) Made it possible for me to come see this amazing event

(3) Touched the lives of the animals at the shelter that her donation to a will make

She is truly an inspiration & a reminder there are still good people growing up in this world!!

THANKS ALEX!!! & THANK YOU to all of the Butterfield 4th graders who purchased Mulli’s Munchies / pics with their hard earned Bronco Bucks!



It’s not a dog post, but don’t worry Mulligan is still in it! Today I was featured on a local interior design blog! Check it out!

Design Time

Meet Lindsay Soulsby and her dog Mulligan.12196349_2937669513924_3255376525398940227_n

After a long day at the office, Lindsay made time for a quick interview and may I just say, reminded me of a real life Elle Woods. Neon yellow sweater, maroon leather skater skirt, long blonde hair, and a big smile. I immediately thought to myself her outfit reminds me of one of her paintings. Unexpected colors put together, perfectly.

This young woman is an inspiration to yours truly. Having studied criminal law at the U of A with the goal of becoming a defense attorney, running her own non-profit organization Life of Mulligan, and working for a local law firm, I’m in absolute awe of how she has time for anything else. Keep scrolling to find out what she does in her spare time.

What inspires you?

When I was younger, I wanted to do abstract but would do more portraits. I…

View original post 953 more words

Men & Cats!

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 6.17.41 PM

Hope everyone had a fabulous Sunday – Funday! I have some pretty fun news I’m excited to share with you all!  Purina set out to expose the stereotypes surrounding cats & their owners. In reality they actually completely destroyed the stereotype in the most pawsome way!

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 6.17.49 PM

You know what stereotype I’m talking about – we associate cats with female counterparts! We all know a guy with a pet cat, my fiancé had a pet cat when we first started dating, and we all can admit we tilted our head sideways and had to take it all in – a little surprised.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 6.17.59 PM

To celebrate the launch of the Pro Plan Savor Shredded Blend for cats, Purina asked people to share pictures of extraordinary men & their cats on social media using #MenAndCatsContest! The 11 best pics were chosen to represent the 2016 Extraordinary Men & Cats calendar along with actor Gilles Marini as the 12th man!

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 6.17.19 PM

The calendars will be donated as a fundraising initiative to Purina Pro Plan Rally to Rescue, a network consisting of hundreds of small rescue groups nationwide, allowing them to raise money for their organizations as they work to give all cats the love, care and forever homes they deserve.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 6.32.19 PM

The three Arkansas rescue agencies that the Pro Plan Men & Cats calendar will be benefitting include (1)Animal Relief & Rescue Fellowship, (2) Faulkner County SPCA, & (3) Friends of Prairie Grove Pound!!!

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 6.35.29 PM

You can go to ProPlan.Com/MenAndCatsContest to see all of the winners & learn more about these extraordinary men & their fabulous feline companions!  I encourage you all to head on over to ProPlan.Com/Rally-to-Rescue & grab your calendar today!

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 6.17.30 PM

After all, these pictures are sure to brighten up your day, spice up your day planning, & best of all – your purchase will go towards helping save homeless animals in need! SO GRAB YOURS TODAY!

Also, if you’re ever in the need of a smile – get on social media and check out #MenAndCatsContest!

For a chance to get a FREE Men & Cats calendar comment below! 

With love, hubs, & belly rubs:

-Lindsay & Mulligan


Better With Pets (Part 2)


In my blog post, Better With Pets (Part 1), I talked about my personal adventure to Purina’s Better With Pets in New York.  Here I wanted to go into detail about some of the amazing things we talked about during this event.


Theres me… and by me I mean by back and a strand of my hair! I’m not sure who took this BUT there’s me taking notes during the summit sitting next to Phil O’Reilly, Melissa Trippy & to my right Katie who writes “Runs for Cookies” – OH & there’s Preston of “Preston Speaks” sitting behind me!

I learned so many fascinating things during this Summit I can’t possibly share them all in one simple blog post – so I have pulled a few topics I think you guys will find super interesting! BUT I will be switching the topic up a little bit – we will be talking about cats instead of dogs!

There were so many amazing things I learned about cats! As someone who has never owned a cat, I found these things to be incredibly intriguing.

The Meow Parlour 

During the cat panel discussion we were introduced to Christina Ha, the Co-Founder & head pastry chef of the Meow Parlour.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 12.33.23 PM

Christine talked to us about the Meow Parlour & I wish I had known about it earlier so I could have visited while I was in NY! The Meow Parlour is the first ever cat cafe in New York.  What is a cat cafe?! Let me explain.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 12.38.13 PM

The Meow Parlour is a two part project; (1) part pastries that customers can purchase from the Macaroon Parlour & take to the Meow Parlour and

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 12.39.44 PM

(2) part cats lovers heaven! Where anyone can book a time, or walk in, for some seriously cuteness overload cat time! This allows for cat lovers to go spend time surrounded by adorable, AND ADOPTABLE, cats & kittens. Thats right! The Meow Parlour has partnered up with the Kitty Kind foundation to fill the parlour with all ADOPTABLE cats. This not only gives homeless cats a temporary home, but the exposure they need to find their forever home!

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 12.38.39 PM

This also allows for people who would like to own a cat, but can’t own one for different reasons, to come in & still benefit from the emotional wellness pets can create for us.  Lastly, people like me who have never owned a cat before can come in and learn about cats & how they act, etc.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 12.39.14 PM

They even offer yoga with kitties- I MEAN COME ON HOW CUTE IS THAT! Double relaxing factor right there!

Cat Behavior & The Signs!


Displays were set up (both cat & dog, but again I was overwhelmed with cat knowledge & I was loving it) to show different activities cats do!


Seriously though, how cute are these little figurines!?



These figures didn’t just show different cat behaviors, they also explained them!



Once you set the display on the screen it would then give you a break down of what that behavior means & details about it!

This was such a unique & fun way to learn about cat/ dog activities, meanings behind them, and emotional wellbeing associated with them!  I think this would be a great learning tool / game for kids to use when considering a pet or just getting one!

This trip was such a huge learning experience & one that will make me not only a better dog mom, but pet blogger!

For more information from Better With Pets, as well as fun tips on bettering your pet parenting skills, click the words “Purina” or “Better With Pets” anywhere in this blog for a direct link to more info!



Spay Arkanas : Vaccine & Microchipping Clinic

The luxury & peace of mind involved in keeping your pet health should be something available to all pet parents!  Many pets are going untreated for basic veterinary needs, that are key to a long healthy life, due to the worry of over priced vet services.

Spay Arkansas is doing something to change that! Spay Arkansas is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit based out of NW Arkansas.  Their mission is to offer low cost spay & neuter surgeries, resulting in less dogs/cats being euthanized in shelters every year. However, they offer more than just spay  & neuter services.  Once a month Spay Arkansas host a low cost vaccine & microchipping clinic.

These clinics are open to anyone & and their dog(s)/cat(s) of any age.  They offer a range of vaccines for only $10 as well as microchipping for only $20! They also offer some low cost medications.

This allows for people to provide the necessary medical needs for their pets without social class, pay grade, broke college student syndrome, or any other obstacles from getting in the way!  Bringing people & their pets together for a longer & healthier life!

The next vaccine & microchipping clinic will be held December 12, 2015 starting at 9am and going until 3pm.  You can learn more about Spay Arkansas & how they can help you, or someone you know, at SpayArkansas.Org!

With love, hugs & belly rubs:

-Lindsay & Mulligan