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Mulligan + Krauft Cookies teamed up to host our first ever Instagram cookie auction! I had never even heard of a cookie auction before, but Liz – the owner and unbelievable baker behind Krauft Cookies – filled me in on how they work and what to do!

cookies 1

Liz created cookies that represented Mulligan & some of his favorite things! The cookies included Mulligan red bow ties (his signature), chicken broth popsicles (his favorite summer snack), tennis balls, dog bones, and #MulliganMovement cookies.

Mulligan Cookies

When I saw the finished product, I couldn’t believe my eyes! The Mulligan cookies looked just like Mulligan and the cookies looked too good to eat. Seriously, Liz is absolutely PAWSOME!



On Friday, June 19th at 8 p.m. we launched our first cookie auction! Auctioning off two dozen cookies representing all things Mulligan! Our goal was to raise money for a local shelter. We decided to donate the funds raised to Springdale Animal Shelter, the shelter where I found Mulligan.


The auction went from 8 p.m. – 8 a.m. on the @KrauftCookies Instagram account. We were lucky enough to raise $70!!!! Thanks to this cutie, Sophie, who’s mom Rose bought the cookies for her!  All of those funds were donated to Springdale Animal Shelter where, like all funds raised through the Mulligan Movement, were donated to help provide health care and supplies needed to maintain a healthy living environment for the current residents.


Liz Krauft has been in Fayetteville since 1992. Her family moved here from Fort Smith, Arkansas when she was around 7 years old. She has been here ever since and now is raising a family of her own here!


Liz’s work is so amazing! And trust me… the cookies taste as amazing as they look! I had to know how long she had been baking and how she learned to do this magic. Liz answered “Not long ago, actually. I have a slight obsession with Pinterest. I kept seeing these fancy little cookies, so in October 2014 I decided to give them a shot. I failed miserably. But, I tried again. And again. After a few dozen failures, I came out with some decent tasting and looking cookies! After that, I was hooked. I sold my first batches of cookies to the public in November. I made up a bunch of turkey cookies and pitched them on one of those yard sale pages on Facebook. I sold a bunch of them! I couldn’t believe it!”


Liz started Krauft Cookies around January 2015. She had been having success selling Thanksgiving and Christmas themed cookies and with people trying to get in contact with her she decided to start a Facebook page! But what to name it? Her husband filmed her baking one day and posted to social media using #KrauftCookies, thus the name stuck.


So what goes into making Krauft cookies? Liz described it as quite a long process! She starts off by chatting with clients to make sure she understands exactly what they want. Liz doesn’t want to miss any key details.

pop corn

Every batch is made FRESH FROM SCRATCH! Each and every detail in the baking process is very precise; the oven temperature, the dough mixture, the countertop temp, and the icing consistency. All must be perfect! She says, “These cookies are not forgiving! My cooking style is very opposite from baking cookies. I normally will just toss in ingredients, and never measure a thing. With the cookies, I make sure that I go so far as to use the same utensils to measure and brands of ingredients every time to ensure uniformity”. Liz says the icing is the most important part. Every single drop of water counts, not one drop too much or too little will work. The cookies bring a lot of joy to people, and that is the best part. It is truly a labor of love for Liz.

farm cookies

Liz & her husband have a nine-year-old brown lab named Parker! She is both diabetic and epileptic, requiring daily medical needs. Liz used to do work with one of the non-profits that helped to benefit Fayetteville Animal Shelter. It was there she was exposed to the needs of local shelters and is one reason she was inspired to help the Mulligan Movement!


Want to order some? Liz books up quickly so you will want to place an order a month in advance. Cookies range from $35 – $50 per dozen depending on complexity.


HUGE THANK YOU to Krauft Cookies for teaming up with the Mulligan Movement & helping to raise shelter awareness, as well as money for Springdale Animal Shelter, in a unique and fun way!



Want to keep up with Krauft Cookies?! Here’s how!! {Links below!}

Instagram: @KrauftCookies

Facebook: Krauft Cookies 


-Lindsay & Mulligan

The Drive-Thru

Since Mulligan goes ANY & EVERYWHERE with me he has started a new trend.  IMG_0125

A rather funny one.

When I first got Mulligan, he hated the car and like I said in my previous post, up until he came home with me, he associated car rides with ending up at the shelter and getting his balls chopped off! Can’t blame him for despising the car with a burning, fiery passion.  When we first started making the rounds together, Mulligan would lay down in the passenger seat with his head on the arm rest relaxing or in the back seat singing & doing his best Miley Cyrus impression.

After driving for a couple weeks, I started picking up on all of the dog friendly drive-thu places around town – and so did Mulligan! This changed EVERYTHING!! Mulligan began to love riding in the car.  So much so, that now when I pull up to a drive-thru, he crawls over to the speaker like it’s their life purpose to give him a treat! I mean after all everything DOES revolve around Mulli.

Not only did I love seeing the companies that were dog friendly, but it made me want to support their company more! It also helped tremendously with changing Mulligan’s perspective on car rides! So where are all these secret golden eggs hidden around town? Let me share! IMG_9653

  • Starbucks! We love coffee – it may be the soul reason we survive all the craziness at our house!  We make frequent Starbucks runs throughout the week and discovered they have what’s called a “Pupachino”- which is pretty much the best invention ever! It allows Mulligan to enjoy the amazing bliss and key to survival we call Starbucks & makes him feel special! Just when I thought we couldn’t love Starbucks anymore… We found out they were dog lovers AND WE LOVED THEM EVEN MORE!
  • Chick – fil -a! I don’t have to explain the awesomeness of Chick-fil-a  because there is a universal understanding of it’s greatness!  They invented the chicken sandwich and for that we are all forever grateful BUT did you know that they hand out dog biscuits at the drive-thru window?! Now I can distract Mulligan from the smell of the chicken long enough to get my to-go bag into the car!DSC_0558
  • McDonalds!  Next time you run to get your Big Mac or Egg McMuffin’ and your furry lover is in the car, McDonald’s also hands out dog treats at the window!  Which is great because it means I don’t have to share my fries with Mulligan – go ahead, judge me! But I can’t say no to that sweet baby face when he wants to know where his stuff is! The treat makes me feel better about being selfish with my fries!
  • Sonic (Not ALL): Several Sonic locations, offer you a dog treat when they bring out your meal. Since they have the perfect set up for customers to dine in their car with their dogs, one of the workers said “they see dogs all the time!” If you happen to go to a sonic that doesn’t serve dog treats, for 50 cents they will bring out your pup a mini hot dog!
  • Ice Cream Places: Many different ice cream places offer what is called a “Pup Cup” which is exactly what it sounds like! A miniature cup of ice cream for your dog! Mulligan HIGHLY approves of the pup cup and the beautiful girl he swooned into feeding it to him!
  • The Bank: Depending on which bank you use, bank tellers will often send out a treat to Mulligan in the car! It IMG_9650makes dealing with the bank that much better!

Needless to say, these are just some of the places that have “pet-friendly” drive-thrus and we are all about them! They just secured our coming back again, and more frequently! Obviously, choosing a pet-friendly place over a pet-unfriendly place! For all of of you “pet-unfriendly” drive-thrus, Mulligan will be mean muggin’ you as we drive by to one of our preferred pet-friendly establishments!